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10-15-2007, 04:41 PM
All Pro Greens - 2007-2008 Hands-On Advanced Training Schedule

Synthetic Golf Greens voted,
"The #1 Profitable Niche Service Idea of 2007"

http://www.allprogreens.com/gallery/border/sml063.jpg http://www.allprogreens.com/gallery/border/sml025.jpg http://www.allprogreens.com/gallery/fringe/sml004.jpg http://www.allprogreens.com/gallery/landscape/sml002.jpg http://www.allprogreens.com/gallery/water/sml002.jpg http://www.allprogreens.com/gallery/border/sml007.jpg http://www.allprogreens.com/gallery/border/sml028.jpg

2007 - 2008 Hands-On Training Schedule - Only 6 Classes Available:
December 8th and 15th
January 12th and 19th
February 9th and 23rd

$99.00 per person
Only 10 companies or 20 attendees per class

Call NOW and Register 1-800-334-9005

Learn about a new PROFIT CENTER – Synthetic Golf Greens & Synthetic Lawns. This Hands-On Advance Training Seminar will teach you how to UTILIZE EXISTING EQUIPMENT AND EMPLOYEES by taking this simple & easy ADD-ON SERVICE and generate a NEW REVENUE STREAM for your landscaping business. Register now to learn how to CAPITALIZE on the $50 Billion a year Golf Industry that is directly tied to the Lawn & Landscape Industry and UP-SELL your other products and services.

Synthetic Golf Greens are one of the FASTEST growing segments of the golf industry
and one of the FASTEST growing segments of the lawn & landscape industry

http://www.allprogreens.com/gallery/border/sml060.jpg http://www.allprogreens.com/gallery/landscape/sml040.jpg http://www.allprogreens.com/gallery/border/sml081.jpg http://www.allprogreens.com/gallery/fringe/sml012.jpg http://www.allprogreens.com/gallery/landscape/sml011.jpg http://www.allprogreens.com/gallery/landscape/sml015.jpg http://www.allprogreens.com/gallery/landscape/sml051.jpg

What You Will Learn From This Hands-On Advanced Training Presentation:
Step-By -Step Advanced Installation
Five (5) New Marketing Programs
The Golf Industry
The Synthetic Turf Industry
Your Demo Green
The Design Consultation
Killer Closings
Why All Pro Greens

Benefits Of This FREE Seminar: A New Profit Center - Up To 60%
Utilize Existing Equipment & Employees
A Simple & Easy Add-On Service
Reach A New Customer Base
Up Sell Current Products & Services
Year Round Installations
Buy Manufacturer Direct - Save 70%
Carry NO Inventory

Visit the “Contractor Section” of our website to learn more about the business:

Call NOW and Register 1-800-334-9005

Successful contractors know the value of training and education.
Thousands have already taken this add-on service and turned it into a new division of their existing business.


All Pro Greens - Taking Your PROFITS To The Next Level