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11-21-2007, 02:55 AM
I have a good line on a 1997 MD70. The owner says that it has a PTO. Can you run tractor implements with them? It also has high flow anyone have specs? Also can you run regular bobcat attachments with them or is the quick attach different?

I have to let the owner one way or the other by friday.

any and all comments welcome.


11-21-2007, 03:10 AM
I'm not sure how the front hooks up, I think it's a standard attachment plate. Sounds like the PTO is up front, so you'd need to get an adator plate that would allow you to attach 3 point hitch attachments to the machine, then the PTO would operate them.

The MD70 is such an old piece of technology and they aren't cheap still. I found various units online with tons of hours for $20K. I'd rather buy something else unless you could get a bargain of a price. But, it seems that they do hold up over time and are suited to heavy forestry work, etc..

11-21-2007, 03:30 AM
So $8,000.00 is a good deal then:laugh:


11-21-2007, 03:34 AM
How many hours?

11-21-2007, 11:33 AM
Were those the ones that were reversible, with a loader on the rear or with the loader on the front combo's?

11-21-2007, 08:06 PM
We used to sell those when I was at the CAT dealer here in VA. I think they even had a small 3pt hitch you could put on them and you could put the loader on the front and turn the seat around so it would look like a ag machine. I think high flow on them was around 25gpm with a flow meter on the machine.