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11-22-2007, 11:09 AM
Hi everyone,

Just joined the site and hoped to get a few opinions on my planned end of the year purchase:

Switch-n-Go body system on a used Mitsubishi FH 211 chassis (53K miles) 6cyl turbo with Allison auto.
19,000 GVW total cost: $42,000

Being a full service building company we do most of our own tight site work and landscaping. Until now we have made due with a Bri-Mar dump trailer for const. debris, stone, sand etc. It's becoming more of a pain in the a@@ moving equipment (we have a 5T trailer) and waste material in less moves. Let's not even talk about the cost of fuel.

I currently have a GMC 2500HD with the 8.0L / Allison combo and have been pleased with the towing power.

I think the switch & go system would be a wise move. It would solve our problems with:

Refuse containers
On truck dump body
Site storage box

Your thoughts on the S&G system, Chassis or just in general are appreciated.

Thanks ...and have a nice holiday

11-22-2007, 11:58 AM
I think for you its probably a great idea. However with only 19k gvw you may kick yourself later for not going just under CDl and having more capacity. If CDl isnt an issue then get a rolloff. I just think that 19k may get a little too light when your work picks up or you need to carry a lot

Gravel Rat
11-22-2007, 04:15 PM
If you are in the construction business why not get a tandem axle roll off they are cheaper than a single axle. Get a lowside box for hauling dirt a 30 or 40 yard bin for debris and a 20' shipping container with some rails under it for a site shack and tool storage.

You have to remember with a rolloff your payload is reduced by the weight of the hoist and box. A 19,000lb gvw truck wouldn't have much payload left.

I noticed you have a mini excavator and skid steer you can haul them in a lowside rolloff bin on a tandem axle. Its easier to move equipment expecially mini excavators in a rolloff box it eliminates the use of a trailer.