View Full Version : looking for help/ideas

11-27-2007, 11:50 AM
So we got a call to repair some lights that someone else put up. (low baller) We had to replace about 40 broken and burnt out bulbs. We also fixed some wire that was twisted together.... It all worked when we left...

A week later, guy calls and is lights work for a while then go out. Then part of them work... He has about 400 C9's and they are spliced alot. For example, he has a 100 ft run that has 6 plugs in it. He has pleanty of circuits and power.

I'm thinking I can replace some of the plugs with 15 amp plugs and replace some heavily spliced sections with solid runs....We can drop some more ex-cords too..

Any thoughts on how to cost effectivly fix his issue? The wire is also about 5 years old...