View Full Version : how much is the ultravac for 46"triton x?

12-08-2007, 03:34 PM
anyone knows how much those ultra vac run for?
i got 1 acre job and half of it was fuuuuuuuuull of leafs allover the place i dont have a bagger on my xmark so i end up blowing and pile 'em up then rake' em into contractor bags.got 5 full 55gal bags out of there.

also i run my blower for 2 hours straight at full throttle,do this blowers over heat?
at the very end of the two hours,kind lost power ,gas was low I put some more and crank it up again,15 seconds later lost power again kind of like bad gas symptom revs were up n down,i was finishing so i shut it off for 30minutes and crank it up again in another property and work fine.
i wonder if they overheat or something that might have cause that?