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12-12-2007, 03:05 AM
I think we're straight on this:
When a browser attempts to load a Web site, the fewer server connections it has to establish, the better.
This basically means if it all comes from the same server, that is the fastest.

I am pretty certain either browsers, dns servers and / or the Internet (not sure which) consider these two:
www.lawnsite.com and
Two distinct and separate servers.

The reason I say this is because I know www.domain.com and domain.com (without the w's) are treated as separate domains, even thou you and I and every fool out there knows that the two obviously reside on the same server because they are the same web site, something about the system fouls this up, and thus it gets treated as if these were residing on two separate servers.

For example, if you were loading some images from domain.com/images/ and some from www.domain.com/images/ then it will take a FULL 2 second longer to load than if they were all being referenced from one OR the other (but not both).
This much I know for a fact, it is one reason I do everything by a standard.

So ...
Would it be of help to place the ad server at: www.lawnsite.com/ads/ instead?
In most cases (or at least some unix servers) it's a simple setting change to go from dir.domain.com to domain.com/dir/, don't even have to make any major changes.

Just trying to help, might be worth asking about this in the server's support forums.