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Eden Lights
01-07-2008, 01:28 AM
I have been working on all my year end stuff the last couple of weeks and we have been so busy I really hadn't noticed how bad my fuel costs were for 2007 on two trucks, $7325.00. Maybe Sitelites will sell me his fleet of Honda wagons? How small could you go and have everthing you need?

Mark B
01-07-2008, 01:30 AM
I know what you mean with the fuel cost. I bought a used mazda truck to work out of. It is working for me.

01-07-2008, 01:36 AM
We are at 3.06 per gallon for unleaded here currently. I bought a Dakota sport this year hoping to save on gas. The only one I found that I liked had a 5.9L - V8. Oh well, I still get about 18-20 per gallon, but boy can I pass you in a hurry.

INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting
01-07-2008, 01:46 AM
I havent crunched my 2007 numbers yet, but in 2006 I put just under $6k in fuel through my Chev Z71. Put 23,000 miles on that year and total cost of operation of the truck was just under $19K

Make sure you are recuperating your soft costs / operation costs in all of your installations and service calls. They can sneak up and bite you in your bottom line if you are not careful.

01-07-2008, 02:51 AM
I am operating out of my Ranger Supercab 4x4. With the back doors opening up also I can cram alot of crap in there besides utilizing the small box. Tim you could not only pass me faster but get better mileage doing it. My MPG sucks around 15. :(

01-07-2008, 07:02 AM
... Tim you could not only pass me faster but get better mileage doing it. My MPG sucks around 15. :(

Yeah, my Ford F-150 gets about 15 MPG !!

01-07-2008, 08:41 AM
Damn, I just looked at my fuel bill for 07 and it's over $19K!!! That's for 3 trucks and a car. I can just imagine what it will be in 08 since they are predicting gas to be over $4 by summer.

01-07-2008, 08:48 AM
as overhead increases so must the cost of our service.

I get about 18 in my siverado unloaded. Towing around 13-15. Makes a good argument for one of thoes sprinter vans.

01-07-2008, 08:52 AM
$60,000 + for all trucks & mowers, & other equipment. Really robs the bottom line.UGHHHHHHHHHHH

01-07-2008, 09:37 AM
not to bad, i spent almost 5500 in fuel last year. will probly be the same or more this year.

01-07-2008, 11:02 AM
Diesel is not cheap but you can get some really good MPG out of them for being big trucks. My f250 7.3PSD gets around 16mpg with a full load int he bed, i can get 17 on the free way all day unloaded and about 14.5-16 in the city.

INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting
01-07-2008, 12:35 PM
If your fuel costs are in fact "robbing the bottom line" then you are not accounting or charging appropriately for your 'soft costs' of operation. I have posted on this in the past and any good accountant will be able to tell you about it.

You must ensure you know what your costs of doing business are and then build them into your product and service prices. It goes way beyond fuel, and includes all of your 'soft costs' like insurance, telephone, rent, leases, and on and on. Take the total of these expenses over the course of a year and then divide them by the number of days you are in operation. That gives you a the 'cost' of you opening your door for business. Now when you are working out a quote or figuring out your service price, calculate in the daily cost of operation and include it. No more surprises at the end of the year.

Have a great day.

01-07-2008, 05:09 PM
definately, my clients pay for my fuel!