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01-09-2008, 03:15 PM
Hello well I'm here, but now I don't know how much to charge for front and back cuts, blow, edge, weed wack. I was thinking $20 but don't want to "cut throat". Also I'm not sure when the best time to start to advertise around here would be. I'm in Spring Hill Florida if anyone can help I'd Appreciate it.
I also know some of you think helping out the competition is stupid, but hey I look at it this way, tell me what you charge I'll charge the same and let the quality be the deciding factor, It's better then someone coming in and charging so low none of us can afford to work, right?

01-09-2008, 05:44 PM
The industry is always in need of knowledgeable and quality services. Professional competition makes us all better. Your not in my area so i'm not sure about your starting price of $20.00. If there stamp lots, i'd say it sounds about right. as far as advertising goes, there's no better time than the present.

:usflag: Welcome to FL. :usflag:

01-09-2008, 05:48 PM
i agree, if you dont get any calls x amount of people have the name of your company in there head from seeing it.

this is my first week advertising this year in michigan and we dont even start cutting for 3 more months

Patriot Services
01-09-2008, 06:31 PM
Glad you made it. Put an ad in the Hernando newspaper in the service directory. Right now the grass is a little dormant after the cold snap last week. You should start getting calls for upcoming season, people are looking now. I got 10 calls and signed 6 this week already. They might only want 1 cut now, but it gets you on the property to discuss long term and other services. Start posting door hangers in some of the communities off US19. Twenty might be fine for a 1 time cut but a .25 acre homesite is good for at least 85 a month for mow and go. This year I have had to feel customers out about pricing. Everybody is crying poor mouth and I tell them my expenses went up too and this is a luxury service. Do not low-ball just to get customers, you will be frustrated and pissed at yourself in July when you realize how hard you are working for a little money. Did you say you have a job already here and this side work. I forgot your previous post. Good Luck:usflag::usflag::usflag:

01-09-2008, 10:19 PM
Thanks I'm going to start now, yea I did have another job but opt to go back to school to get in the medical field.

Patriot Services
01-10-2008, 03:13 PM
Now that your here it is time to change your profile and location. Your a Florida boy now! Stick to your guns and don't let all the Florida naysayers on this board get you down. :usflag::usflag::usflag:

01-10-2008, 03:26 PM
I dunno bout 85 a month up here in Spring Hill, the market is a little bit different then Tampa. I would recommend staying out of Timber Pines as they are cheap as hell. Lake in the Woods on 19 is extreme high end where you can get some decent prices, but Glen Lakes farther north is 65 max. I would suggest staying out of the developments altogether and shooting for individual homeowners. Pm me if you have any more questions.

Patriot Services
01-11-2008, 10:18 AM
I live down in Hudson and cut 8 accounts here. All are 85 a month for just mow and go. I make extra on the backside with bushes , hedges and mulch as most yards here have decent landscaping. The demographics have changed, many people work in Tampa and moved to Pasco-Hernando counties because you get twice the house for the money compared to Tampa. I am slowly shifting my business up here.:usflag::usflag::usflag:

01-11-2008, 12:06 PM
This seems to vary alot by location. By location I mean city to city I guess. Around here I am getting $100 min for residentials. I dont get all estimates I do, but thats pretty much the standard min. There are some exemptions, and you have to feel the people out. I beleive alot of it is in how you present it to the customer.

01-15-2008, 11:24 PM
Thanks everyone, I'm starting to put out my fliers now, I also decided to get some print, and of course good old fashion word of mouth.
Wish everyone a great season!!!!!