View Full Version : Of the Liquid ferts, all around what's best?

01-17-2008, 10:16 PM
Hey guys, I am switching to pellet/liquid or liquid/liquid this year, but you here so much disinformation about every other companies products, it is hard to know what to believe.

The reason i want to go with all liquid is one pass over the lawn and then some spot spraying as needed. I just cannot see taking the time to Fert it, spray it and then spot it.

I have heard good things of UFLEXX and UMAXX, but they are a tank mix, so mixing them might be a problem. I don't know also if they can be sprayed in a low volume type spray system, .5 to .75 gallons per K.

Is UMAXX a slower release then UFLEXX?

What is a good price for UMAXX and UFLEXX?

How do they corrode metals compared to granular?

How do they mix into the tank?

Since it started as a pellet, can you spray them in a spray nossle spray system instead of a gun?

Can you really use less then what you would vs granular as they claim? Some are claiming 25% to 50% less is needed and will still get 8 weeks to totaly release.

What about Nutra-Flo and their Pure Grade brands. They have 2 basically for the turf industry I think. Diamond and Gold Start.

Are they any good?

What is the difference in between the Diamond and the Gold Start?

What is a reasonable price?

How do they corrode metals compared to granular?

What about CORON?

I know it is exspensive.

Thanx a lot guys

01-18-2008, 01:16 AM
I have not used UFLEXX but have spoken to applicators who have. Once it reaches 80 degrees you will get tip burn when applying anymore than .75 lbs/k. You also have to watch the water as I believe you need at least 2 gals/K but I ma not sure of that. UFLEXX will last a maximum of 8 weeks and UMAXX will last up to 12 weeks but is a lot more expensive. They are both stabilized nitrogen. After some research my opinion is that N-Sure from Tessenderlo-Kerley is a better product but is more expensive. You can apply N-Sure at up to a Lb/K with 2 gallons I believe. Te best price I have seen figures out to 3 dollars/K of nitrogen when applying 1 lb/K.
These are just my opinions from talking to others and doing some research. If anyone knows more I am all ears.