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10-27-2001, 05:26 PM
Yeah, I watch that HGTV. Sometimes it's kinda informative.

But today one of thier shows was talking about aerating. They did a lawn with a Bluebird. Then the guy says that homeowners can rent a unit like this, or if you have a large lawn, you can hire a company to do this for about $35 to $40.

Obviously "large lawn" is a subjective term. It can mean alot of different things to alot of different people. So to give an actual $ amount seems pretty stupid.

Now some woman with a 1.5 to 2 acre lawn is going to call a company and tell them she'd like her lawn aerated, and when they give her the price, she's gonna say, but the guy on TV said it would be around $35 to $40 !?!?! LOL! Nice going HGTV!!!:angry:

10-27-2001, 06:52 PM
The do it yourself type show's are good to a point, but when they start talking about prices, they never seem to remember that they are talking to an audience not in their neighborhood. Prices vary from Florida, to Connecticut, to Illinois, to California, etc. I wouldn't aearte a "large" lawn for $35, would you?

10-27-2001, 08:41 PM
Ya know what the sad part is- some SAP SCRUB is gonna do it for 35 an acre with a pull behind P.O.S. and be happy!!!

10-27-2001, 08:59 PM
What they meant to say was $35-$40 per thousand square feet when you contract it out. LOL!!!

I would have taken note of the episode number and then asked them why they didnt call some of the "larger" LCOs in that particular area before slandering us as dead-beats with nothing better to do than lose a couple of beer drinking bucks.

Its terrible how they can glamorize what they shouldnt, and under glorify what they should be promoting.

Go figure.

10-27-2001, 09:47 PM
Originally posted by guido
The do it yourself type show's are good to a point, but when they start talking about prices, they never seem to remember that they are talking to an audience not in their neighborhood. Prices vary from Florida, to Connecticut, to Illinois, to California, etc. I wouldn't aearte a "large" lawn for $35, would you?

I usually like some of these shows because they can sort of educate a homeowner as to what they should be doing to thier lawns or give them ideas of what they could do to thier landscape.
My hope is that they then call me to come out and do it!:D
And since alot of people don't have the time, or proper tools/equipment or know how to do the job themselves, I think that these shows do help contractors in a way.
BUT, don't quote prices!!!! Especially such a narrow margin as $35-$40! Say $25 to $225 depending on property size and location. Ehhh, best bet, just don't quote prices.

10-27-2001, 09:52 PM
Originally posted by MOW ED
Ya know what the sad part is- some SAP SCRUB is gonna do it for 35 an acre with a pull behind P.O.S. and be happy!!!

Hey Mow Ed, I personally haven't done any aerations yet, but expect to next season. Never having used ANY kind of aeration device/machine before, I'm curious as to your comment about "pull behind POS". I had planned on using one of the pull behind types. Do these not work very well? What kind of difference is there between these and walk behind machines?

10-27-2001, 10:13 PM
Yes sir there is a BIG difference between the 125.00 pull behind aerator you buy at Home Cheapo and a quality pull behind aerator similar to a Lesco model.

Home Depot gives the clue in the name of the store. Home use or use on 1 or 2 homes.

I have no problem with getting equipment that does a good job but a so called aerator that has 6 or 8 tines and is made out of old beer cans is not an aerator.

When you look to buy or rent that aerator next season make sure it is a quality piece of equipment that will do a good job for the customer and make you look even better.

Lots to learn, do alot of searches.

Good Luck.

10-27-2001, 10:49 PM
The people who watch those shows are DIY types so I wouldnt worry about it much. If by chance someone you are pricing a job for mentions that HGTV says it should cost $xx.xx to do it, suggest they hire the show to aerate. :rolleyes:

10-27-2001, 11:03 PM
Maybe we should all send emails to them explaining the nonsense they put out. Maybe instead of hurting the industry they should be working harder to make the industry more respectable.


10-27-2001, 11:13 PM
Mow Ed, I see what you're saying now. Not that ALL pull behind types are bad, just that there are quality ones and cheapo ones. I originally thought you meant that the pull behind concept or design was flawed somehow. I gotcha now.

thelawnguy, I agree that some of the folks that watch those shows are DIY'ers, but I really think that alot of folks see that stuff and for whatever reason (physically unable, don't have proper tools, or don't have time, etc.) they can't/won't do the work themselves. I think for alot of those viewers, it's more like "oh, that looks like something I need to have done. I think I'll call someone".

10-28-2001, 01:36 AM
Now THIS would be a better article for Turf Mag's "Ask the Pros!
Now let me see here. They tell us that we can go rent an aerator like that unit, (which costs atleast fifty bucks to rent) OR we can just hire a lawn service to come in and do it for 35 to 40 bucks. Makes sense!:rolleyes:

10-28-2001, 01:32 AM
Originally posted by MOW ED
Ya know what the sad part is- some SAP SCRUB is gonna do it for 35 an acre with a pull behind P.O.S. and be happy!!!

LOL...I saw a guy Friday pulling a 3 tine aerator behind a crapsman mower with nothing added to the pull behind for weight. The aerator was doing something like this.....:blob1: ...:blob1: ...:blob1: ...bouncing along.

David Haggerty
10-28-2001, 06:05 AM
If he'd given an accurate cost, it would have scared off a lot of customers.

Just do like Kunkru said and explain what HGTV means is $35-$40 per thousand square feet, not per yard.
HGTV set the hook but it's up to us to reel 'em in. Sell 'em on it!

One of the core aerator manufacturers says that only .3% of home lawns are core aerated. That leaves a big untapped market.

I just billed $7K for core aeration for October. None of them had ever been core aerated before. I think my annual income just went up $7K per year!

Without Lawnsite I wouldn't have been prompted to try aeration this year. So thanks to everyone on Lawnsite for the raise!


10-28-2001, 06:43 AM
I'am with you Dave....I have found the same thing in my market....Just wish I had got it sooner!!Also taking few few jobs away from Chem lawn...I think with a Revenue of 906,000,000 thet won't mind!!!!

10-28-2001, 07:23 AM
what their thought on this thread is (and gave them the link). We'll see if I get a response. It says they get a trillion e-mails and may not have time to respond to everyone. Thats going to be the answer I think!

We'll see!:rolleyes:

10-28-2001, 08:08 AM
Ray, you reminded me of somthing I saw that was similar.
The parks manager of the city I live in asked me for a quote on aerating some soccer fields. He said that the city has a plugger but he wanted a price anyway. Of course they didn't take the bid, I'm sure he just wanted to know how much a commercial job would cost so he could bill the soccer association.

About 2 weeks ago I see the Holder (multi-purpose vehicle) pulling, no BOUNCING:blob3: :blob1: :blob4: , this aerator over the rock hard clay. I had to laugh. It looked like he was using a ball peen hammer on the ground to a depth of 1/4 inch.

I hope they got the desired result.

10-30-2001, 07:56 AM
Here in my neck of the woods I charge $50 for a 1/4 acre. It costs $45 for a 1/2 day rental of a wb bluebird aerator. Most homeowners don't have a truck to haul the equip. and they can be dangerous to operate. tru-brown charges $75 to $100 for same lawn. The price is whatever you can get. Most people buy name brand service. I'm just trying to build my own "name brand"

scott's turf
10-30-2001, 08:13 AM
I rent a core aerator about twice a year for about $50/day and make about $700 a day with it. I try to charge about 3 to 4 times the cost of mowing. Is this too low. True Green's prices were almost 7X some of my customer's lawn. I try to make about $50/hr mowing and I make about $75/hr aerating. Am I charging way too low? Do most of you rent or own aerators?

10-30-2001, 11:36 AM

Why not charge $75 - $100 like Tru-Green is??? Why lowball them. If they know what the going rate is (most of the time they do), and you are already their "lawn guy" you should have it made. Why work for half the going rate?

10-30-2001, 01:21 PM
Well any one have a web site address, or an e-mail address for them? I think we have about 5,000 complaints for them.


10-30-2001, 01:35 PM
For HGTV? It's on one of the above posts on this thread.

10-30-2001, 08:36 PM
Hey guys ,i just sent them a e-mail an the link to this thread ....Hope they enjoy! I know i hate bad publicity!10$per k or i won't do it .an i think that is cheap!

10-30-2001, 11:10 PM
Well they got one from me now too.


10-30-2001, 11:32 PM
I tried to explain to them the damage they can do to this industry from stupid info they put out.

10-31-2001, 07:13 AM
TLS You have a good Point!!!!! I don't realy advertise aeration just every year someone I did last year calls and I bump the price up $5 and they still want the service. I am part timer. My full time job is mailman[anthrax delivery device] and this time of year starts our xmas season . Our mail volume picks up and its all I can do to keep up with both jobs so I'm lucky to finish servicing the customers I have. True brown is so bad in my area that I am hoping to get my liscence for fert aps this winter. I'm aware that I can apply fert without a lisc. but not pesticides. But you made your point I should charge more!!!! I'm not a low baller by any streatch of the imagination . I'm in a position of handeling as many lawns as I can without hiring more people so when someone new asks me I give them a big price and If they say yes I find the time to cut them. Then I try and loose one of the crappy lawns. Not by doing a bad job but putting up with less bs from the customer hoping they will get someone else.

11-01-2001, 10:24 PM
Hey guys, This is the reply i got from hgtv...As follows Good afternoon,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding HGTV. Your comments are very important to us, and we will forward your e-mail to the programming department to review the information. Thank you for contacting us, and we hope you continue to watch Home & Garden Television.

Have a good day!
Viewer Services

Please continue to visit our web site for up-to-date programming information, upcoming specials, sweepstakes, and special offers in the HGTV Store. Be sure to sign up for our HGTV Ideas Newsletter at http://www.hgtv.com/HGTV/about/newsletter/0,2182,,FF.html It's absolutely free and full of featured highlights for the home and garden enthusiast. Plus, you will be the first to hear about special insider news available only to our subscribers. Imagine what you can do, online!

Does this answer ANY THING!!!!! NOT! Hope ypours was better than mine. I didn't stop there . I replyed More to come...I hope!

11-03-2001, 07:10 AM
The following is the email response I got. Doesn't really say much.

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding "Gardening By The Yard." Your comments and concerns are
very important to us. We will forward your e-mail to the programming department and the
production company that films this series to review the information from this episode. Thank you
for contacting us, and we hope you continue to enjoy Home & Garden Television.

Have a good day!
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11-03-2001, 11:23 AM
Hey Hoss, just so you know, it wasn't the Gardening by the Yard show. That's the one with the wacky guy named Paul. That guy's entertaining!

I'm not sure what the show was that I saw. I caught it in the middle and didn't stay until the end. I just know it was on the HGTV channnel.

a1 lawncare
11-03-2001, 11:39 AM
35-40 1000sq ft sounds closer to realistic for me, if somebody tells me that hgtv says it should be 35-40 bucks let them do it. its funny how everybody can tell you what it should cost, but can they or will they do it, thats what i thought. and yes there will be some scrub with a el cheapo turf scratcher that will propably do it, those customers would be just as well off to take there 35-40 bucks and throw it in the yard, some people don't have a clue.


11-03-2001, 01:05 PM
Gogetter, I didn't mention any show to them. They came back with that response, not me. I didn't know what show it was.