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11-04-2001, 10:37 AM
Anyone know anything about this mower ?A friend of mine just got one hes wondering how its gonna hold up.He says the cut is
is really good

11-04-2001, 11:04 AM
It's a good machine, although they had problems with an older design in the past. Most of those problems centered around a stamped steel deck they used to use. The newest design has a baffled fabricated steel deck much improved over the old design. Should be a reliable mower.

Double D
11-04-2001, 12:17 PM
Looked at one at my local dealer, and it looked like a nice machine. Keep us updated as to how it cuts for your buddy.

11-04-2001, 04:06 PM
If it is some sort of deal he got on last years model make sure that the hydro cooler has been removed. They had a recall and the LESCO dealer did not tell my buddy til his machine broke down. They have a problem with holding pressure and leaking. Also If it was me and I was to invest into a new machine personally it would not be the LESCO Viper...My partner has one and has had it for aprox 1 year. His down time has been 4 times that of mine ( I have shortcut 1500) This is wrapping up my 3rd season and all I have replaced is belts and one ignition switch. The viper has had to have bearings replaced in deck, deck needed welding (however they have upgraded to a better deck now) hydro cooler went out and seems to have constant engine probs but that is not LESCO's fault.I think it is a lemon Kholer....mine is a 22 comand and have had no problems on the shortcut....

11-04-2001, 06:47 PM
try a search on the viper and that will give you my view of the machine .