View Full Version : Toro ZMaster Graphics

01-23-2000, 06:34 PM
For anyone who has the new Toro Z Rider, I have the new jpeg file from Toro for anyone who wants to use it in their newsletter, advertising, tshirts, etc.. This is a first generation jpeg file that they use for their brochures and such. Ads a touch of professionalism to your graphics instead of the cheesy lawn mower clip art included in most dtp programs. Last year Toro sent us their entire product line up in jpeg format <br>on a zip disk. For those of you with other machines, I suggest you contact your individual mower manufacturers for the same. Either email the webmaster, or contact their marketing dept. Just thought I'd share my experience.<p>Mike <br>LBMD1@yahoo.com

02-14-2000, 04:53 PM
Mike I am looking into purchasing a toro z-master and like to have those jpeg to put on things <br> <br>snake1040@hotmail.com<br>