View Full Version : 91' 4700 International dump for sale (under cdl)

little green guy
02-15-2008, 08:09 PM
91' 4700 series International, 9' dump bed, 7.3 lit diesels. 25,500 gvw. NOT air brakes. pintle hook. white with gray body.

Truck runs well, we use it everyday the only reason i'm looking to get rid of it's because we also have a F800 single axle dump and I would like to replace this truck with a 12' grain body type truck... other than the fact that it's not fitting our application anymore I would keep the truck. This truck worked out well for us because my guys didn't need a CDL to drive it, it will legally carry 7 tons. I'm looking to get 11,000.00 Located in Somerset County NJ.

Anyone interested can either send me a pm, leave a post or give me a call @ (908) 221-9288 ext. 4