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Mike M
02-24-2008, 07:48 AM
I have a homeowner with tabby ruins (seashell mixture) in front of their home, carefully restored/cleaned up, with a walkway and platform custom-made which traverses the foundation.

They are iffy about any kind of light fixtures being visible during the day, and are willing to let me try some downlighting. I demo'd one downlight onto a gate, and it was very nice. They also said they may be okay with small, inconspicuos area/path lights, but insist on low-profile and shorter fixtures.

Any ideas? (of course I forgot to bring a camera!!!).


02-24-2008, 08:57 AM
how short are you talking? 12 inches ?

We like the cm6014 alot... but swap the 20w out for a 10w lamp. Its about 12 inches and solid copper with a brass thread on top similar to the uniques.

Is an ingrade path such as the hunza or SPJ an option ?

02-24-2008, 09:41 AM
Im just a redneck from the northwest. What the heck are 'tabby ruins'? Mike 2 words, "camera phone".

02-24-2008, 10:39 AM
Im just a redneck from the northwest. What the heck are 'tabby ruins'? Mike 2 words, "camera phone".

Yeah... sounded to me like it had something to do with a destructive cat...

The Lighting Geek
02-24-2008, 12:40 PM
OMG mike! You such a tease! Now you will probably take a week for photos...sigh.

Dude, my cat is 20+ lbs., named Maximus Marinus (the gladiator's name) and he can desimate a cat scratcher into ruins in notheing flat...LOL

Tommy Marshall
02-24-2008, 01:03 PM
hey Mike, I got you on the Tabby thing, If you were not from the south it does sound like somethind to do with a cat. Pictures would be helpful. I lived on the coast for about 10 years and still go on a regular basis. I think you can get what you want, most manufactures have a color chart that you can choose from, although based on what kind of "Shell" was used , I would try and go with a brass or copper fixture. Right one chosen coild blend with color's of some seahells, or is it more grey with Oyster shell, which typically is the one most often used...
Tommy Marshall
Light Creations

Mike M
02-24-2008, 11:06 PM
Tommy in SC thanks for knowing what tabby ruins are. Guys, throughout the coastal south we have partial foundations with some remaining walls, made of oystershells (lime) and a mud mixture. Concrete cement is now used in the mixture when replicating or restoring.

Kinda cool. This guy and his wife hate lights (as they know it) but like some of the effects I demo'd. Only problem is trying to keep fixtures away from intruding on the foundation. Billy, I was thinking CM. They asked if I could cut them down lower, only problem is they don't realize how much light you lose in your pattern.

Ironic, they don't really want lights inside their over-sized garden feature (hehe) but they don't want fixtures on their beautiful trees either. And the don't like path lights. Hmmm.

The plan is for me to return soon with a more inconspicuous path light as well as returning with some Cast tree lights.

Ya know, I bought a cam phone just to harass Billy, and I never bring it with me because I hate cell phones.

02-25-2008, 07:53 AM
I thought that Tabby Ruins had something to do with a litter box!:laugh:

02-25-2008, 08:18 AM
the short coppermoon doesnt have the biggest photometerics to begin with but on a 3-4 ft walkway its just fine. Going even shorter than the 12 inches might just leave a hit spot on the ground with no throw. Thought about a decorative piece of art that lights up ? Paul posted an example in another thread

What exactly is it you are trying to light ? Just the walkway ?

Bring pics I will see you this week