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03-02-2008, 12:01 AM
Ok.. ha I dont know what the deal is.. I do low voltage light installs, run outlets all over my house, inside and out.. yet can NEVER get our trailer brakes right... Ok... heres the deal... stripped the 16' trailer of the two lights.. bought two optronics rear lights.. the only lights in the whole trailer... My truck is set up for a 7-way connection and a 4 flat, and the trailer is a 4 flat... Anway... I think Im confused with the ground wire.. ok so there are two wires going to each light... (forget the colors.. but yellow to one side with a yellow/brown, then green to one side with a green/brown) Btw at this point I have cut the 4 flat off the wires... so everything is bare, so when I attach the yellow to the yellow wire, the green to the green wire, and the other two to the brown, where do I hook the ground to? Does it need to goto each light individually? The only was I get the lights to work now, is to keep the green and yellow wire connected to the corresponding turn signals, and two hook the other two wires to the white ground wire, then the lights will go on with the brakes, as well as the blinkers work fine.. (the brown wire comming from the truck is not connected to anything) But the headlights dont work... when I connect thos brown/green and yellow/green wires to the brown wire (running lights) which I think Im supposed to nothing works at all.. I think I am hooking the ground wire up ocmpletly wrong, but the only way it works is if the ground is run to each light individually.

03-02-2008, 12:19 AM
The lights you purchased for the trailer are grounded through the bolt that is used to secure them to the trailer frame. The ground from the truck connector should also go to the trailer frame. The two wires coming out of the trailer lights are for the tail lights and the turn signal.

Green or Yellow are for Turn/Stop Light
Green is right, Yellow is Left

Brown is for Tail Lights

see attached

03-02-2008, 12:29 AM
Ha, how about that.. I didnt have them mounted when I tried hooking them up.. prob why they werent grounded haha.. Ok so I got the turnsignals fiqured out.. just suitcase the yellow/brown and the green/brown with the brown wire comming from the truck? Thanks a lot for your help.. i appreciate it.. ive printed that wire diagram out earlier today to haha.