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Athletic field
03-05-2008, 10:40 AM
Before I start I am Licensed and am located in western PA. I'm going to bid a high school football field this Thursday. Thought I'd share some of My thoughts. This is my first year in business for myself. I have done everything on football fields except bid on them. Anyhow, I am bidding on a fert/pesticide program. I'll be doing a little over the end lines about 65/k worth.

April/May starter fert (school will be seeding)
June slow release
Sept 30% slow
Oct 30% slow
Nov winter fert

Is $3.50/k? in the ball park, roughly $1140/yr

Grub control, I will be using a generic product called zenith. Same ai. as in merit. $50.00 a bag need 3 of them

$6/k comes out to $390

Since the school will be seeding this spring I won't be using a preemergent. They don't have a crabgrass problem, but if one arises I'll probably spot spray with acclaim. How do you bid out spot spraying? How should I come up with a figure if the super asks for one? I guess to make an educated estimate, I'd have to know my costs in material, but I don't know how much material i'll have to use, if a problem were to arise.

Please share your thoughts. thanks

pinto n mwr
03-07-2008, 04:33 PM
pricing varies with location, cost of product varies with location, labor is different with location, too hard to say whether or not that is a good price there. Hear that price for something like that would be considered high.

FYI-is this a public or private school? If it is public then read on..
Has this public field sub'd out in the past? If yes, read on..
Do you own any property located in this city, or know someone that does? If yes, read on..
Prices that cities have paid for sub work is considered public knowledge and if you or someone you know lives and pays taxes for that city the price they paid in the past should be available to you. If you do find out the price it is a good comparison on what the going rate for your area is. Just know your cost before you bid against that price. I ran into this a few years past and figured out my costs and found out that I could not even buy the product neccesary to apply for what they received their service for,