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11-20-2001, 12:51 PM
OK, you just ordered a chevy one ton C&C to outfit however you want. What kind of bed, i.e 8' dump or ?, would you use and what about other add ons?
I'm picking brains here so please explain your choices. Right now it's going to have an eight foot Crysteel dump if I don't modify my selection.
All advise is appreciated.
I'm concidering flat bed dumps with drop down sides but hope to gleen some good info with this "wish list" thread.
Happy Thanks giving to all.

11-20-2001, 02:45 PM
whats it going to be used for? will it be the only truck? is there a chance it could be used for other things in the future? what does it have to tow? what size crew does it need or might it need?

11-21-2001, 12:53 PM
Fair questions,
- Pull trailer with ZT & walk behind mowers
- Debris removal, spring & fall
- Deliver supplies for landscape projects and cleanup
- Thinking strongly about investing in leaf removal equipment for next fall
- Snow removal (a 4" snow here is huge)
- Ice management ( we do get ice)
- It is the only business truck but there are PU's in the crew

To bring my question to better focus:
I have a 2002 Chevy C&C ordered w/ Duramax/Allison combo in need of a bed.
It's slotted for a Crysteel 8'dump.
I have a window where I may be able to modify my bed selection if there's a better mouse trap.
I'm just looking for the best utilization of a pricy "TOOL"
I was getting a PU anyway and thought this would be a more versatile investment.

11-21-2001, 01:20 PM
im assuming this is a 3500? or is it a 2500? for this size maybe consider a utility bed with the dump bed in the middle. i think those types are overlooked by landscapers, i believe if u can keep ur equip on the trailer, that the utility bed would be great for locking up the smaller stuff and still have the dump bed for mulch, leaves etc.

11-21-2001, 04:23 PM

11-21-2001, 07:05 PM
on firemans not, how about a 12' grain body with removable sides, have a set of solid sides, a set of stake sides, and maybe a set of 2 or 3 foot sides. have a cover for it too etc etc. some underbody toolboxes would be nice also. my perfect setup would be the utility bed style and another one with what i described above, and also the normal every day pickup too. but thats only a dream for now.

11-21-2001, 11:38 PM
I'm leaning towards a flat bed with dump.
Bed would extend from 8' with the crysteel to 9 1/2' with the flat.
I would have the option to build or buy the sides that I need when I need them. Could still haul a few yards of mulch, top soil ect. With higher sides you could haul tree and shrub trimmings then by fall I could manufacture an enclosure for the leaf removal aspect. I seem to be sugar coating this concept but can't see any negatives to the flatbed. I've been reading these threads for a couple months now and I know you guys, and gals, are capable of raining on a parade or two. Is this just a no brainer and I'm to green to see the obvious? Drop dead date is this friday, after that I'm cruisin in a new 3500 Chevy dump. All Opinions are truely welcome.

11-21-2001, 11:57 PM
so whats ur thoughts on our ideas? why or why not?

11-22-2001, 11:38 AM
I think we're all three on the same page, using the flatbed with multiple side options. All this depends on IF they will let me modify the body choice. "STS's" 2nd idea is interesting too. I think I might have to consider the concept for future trucks. Have a buddy with one ton ford 2wd that might fit into the near future. This exercise was an attemp to get you seasoned pros thinking in the hindsight 20/20 thing. Wise men learn from their mistakes but really wise men learn from the experiences of others. I don't think I'll regret having a dump, this is a lot of moola and I want to spend my money where I can get the most bang.
When this baby gets in I'll try to post a photo. Thanks for the advise.
Eat to much and enjoy the day friends.

little green guy
11-23-2001, 12:06 AM
forget the 8' dump, get a 12' grainbody dump like Fireman siad, beileve me you can fit so much more into a 12' grainbody. You are getting 4x4 right? put some underbody tool boxes on, through a 9' western plow on and 3 yrd western spreader in and you set.

11-25-2001, 10:14 AM
? What is the gross weight rating of this truck? From what i had found it appeares to be 11,400lbs. Now taking that into acount and the approxamate light weight before adding a body with a hoist i would guess that with the configuration you have ordered it would be around 7000lbs. And with the sugestions of a 10 to 12 yard grain body that probably weighs about 3500lbs. Now ad that to the truck lightweight and you are at 10,500 lbs. With out even adding in the weight of your crew and tools and then material to be hauled to the job you will soon have a truck that is overweight. In my oppion you should find the lightests weight body and hoist combonation that you could find to achive the highest payload you can without becoming overweight. Good luck with the new truck.

11-26-2001, 09:43 AM
Trying for the 9 1/2' flatbed this morning. These people keep jacking me around on delivery ect. They're, Chevy, about to be replaced by a GMC dealer with a close but not exact match to my desired layout of a work truck.
Opting for a 9' Snoway straight plow, considering the annual snowfall vs cost, weight and simplicity of design so going straight. May consider V-type for next truck.
The Snow way dealer is open 24/7 during storms. The Western/Boss dealer says I'm open 8-5, M-F and if something breaks on the weekend I'll see you Monday morning. He just lost a sale.
The truck is 4x4 and yes I'm looking at under bed tool boxes for misc materials and tools. This has been a can-o-worms for me but this site and it's participants have been priceless.
Thanks to all.

Pauls Mowing
12-09-2001, 05:45 PM
I have a '92 C-3500 with a 9' platform dump with a 6 ton hoist under it. I like the platform, just a 3' steel bulkhead. I have 3' wood sides for it with barn doors, and usually have 12" sides on. I can remove the sides and haul a large backyard shed, or anything that hangs over the sides and/or rear. I welded on winches for 4" flat web straps. On the passenger side it has an under body tool box to hold winch straps, chains and binders and other tools. For all we do, this works the best for us.


12-21-2001, 07:28 PM
Hey Mike,

Where are your getting your crysteel bed??

I have got one on a old 1 ton 4x4 and want to get a new. I was checking on prices..