View Full Version : Field Test: Ventrac Compact Tractor

03-27-2008, 03:42 PM
You can really do some work with this one.

The Ventrac 4231 is an articulating compact tractor.
Check it out here:

It has over 30 different attachments, so I 'm sure we could set you up with a couple.

We need someone in Ohio, NC, PA or FL who can really use this tractor, take some photos, and write up your thoughts for the whole green industry to see.

If that's you, send me an email (don't just post here -- email me) and tell me:
Your name
Your business name
Phone number

Tell me a little bit about your operation (we don't discriminate because of size of company. It's what kind of jobs you do that I cafre about). Let me know what you think you'd do with the tractor and what attachments you'd want.

email to: dcassidy@MooseRiverMedia.com

You'd be surprised how many emails I get from people who want to be testers, but they don;t even give me their name (your LawnSite name doesn't count!) or any way for the company to get a hold of them.

David C