View Full Version : Mulch in Tulsa

03-29-2008, 12:59 AM
Wondering where the guys in the Tulsa area are getting mulch? and what are you paying? Thanks

03-29-2008, 12:14 PM
Hey luckydooley, you can get the free stuff at the green waste dump site at 56 st north and 169. But if you want the good stuff, I have bought pallets of mulch from the John Deere Landscaping store at 121st and Yale. They sell the larger bags (3 cu ft) and I want to say it was about $150 for a pallet (44 bags) of pine bark mulch.

04-04-2008, 11:59 PM
Hey thanks I will give them a call. I knew about the free stuff, but didnt think my customers would appreciate:)

04-06-2008, 01:13 AM
I just recieved a mailer about a local company selling cedar mulch. 50 bags for 100.+tax. Even will deliver for 20. Says they will bring buy a sample for you to see. It is at 222 s. Memorial. The bags are supposedly 3 cuft. I am going to check it out on Monday. PM me if you want the phone number. The name is Sertoma Shop.

04-07-2008, 10:40 PM
Thanks for that info Grassyguy...I'll have to check that out.