View Full Version : Concrete statuary and flower pots

04-06-2008, 11:31 AM
Attention Landscapers. I have some very nice statuary cherubs and flower pots that came from the Governors Mansion in Kentucky. The flower pots are hexagonal and are 21" wide and 23" tall. They are terracotta in color and have drain hole in bottom. The cherubs are all three different and represent three different seasons. They are 29" tall. I also have a new concrete pineapple that is 31" tall. I am asking $100 each for the flower pots. $50 each for the cherubs, and $40 for the pineapple. These are local pickup only because they are very large and heavy. It takes two men to lift one of the flower pots. If someone would take all of it I could make you a deal. You can call me anytime at 615-495-5886 before 9:00 pm please. I am in Greenbrier, Tn. which is about 15 miles north of Nashville, Tn.