View Full Version : Mulch moving

04-12-2008, 01:16 PM
Anyone have any ingenius easy ways to move mulch besides the obvious wheelbarrow.

04-12-2008, 01:36 PM
ATV and utility trailer. Holds more than a wheelbarrow, doesn't get tired, won't call in, and doesn't require WC. :)

04-12-2008, 03:34 PM
Peterson Express Blower.:)

04-13-2008, 09:46 AM
the atv is a good idea if you have one, heck, you could probably use a heavy ztr to pull a cart around, well, maybe not, but worth a try.

04-13-2008, 11:28 AM
i have thought about using my ztr and attaching a yard cart. I would think it would handle it? what about the jrco bucket that sits on top of the mower. I believe its 7.5 cu ft. anyone use that?

04-13-2008, 12:50 PM
If its a flat property, no gates or anything, I use my tractor with the loader. Makes it go so fast. Right now I have one mulch job with a gate that will go pretty slow and its about 12 yards of mulch. And another on flat land that I will use the loader for, makes it go real fast.

Someday I'll have a toro dingo, but I just cannot get over the price. They cost almost as much as a real skid steer.

04-13-2008, 11:17 PM
12 yards thats easy I am talking 40 yards. I have called the local blown in mulch guys around here no response.One his phone number on his web site says its disconnected.

Mike Fronczak
04-14-2008, 11:23 AM
Depends on the site. I have the benifits of having a Dingo, down side is the bucket (larger one) is still small, if your not careful you can scratch the pavement, must have area large enough to dump mulch & in my case I have a dump traler so it requires multiple trips, as the dingo is so heavy I don't have ramps to put it in a truck. Somtimes its just as fast with the 10 ft wheelbarrel.

04-22-2008, 03:34 AM
I have a Kawasaki Mule with a dump bed. Its' great. Have had to resort to loading and sliding a large tarp in some hard to get to areas where the 'ol wheel barrow isn't hauling enough...

04-23-2008, 11:55 AM
In tight areas <36" we use these.http://www.lawnsite.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=100817&stc=1&d=1203693915