View Full Version : tow aerator (core) & spreader

04-12-2008, 04:36 PM
another dumb homeowner here...

i take care of about 5 lawns (1/2 acre) and find myself renting a walk behind core aerator every year. this must stop...for two reasons. 1. i'm getting too old (and too stubborn to hire the work done) to chase a walk/run behind around the yard. 2. too costly. so, i have a small john deere garden tractor (x300) w/kawasaki that i use to mow grass.

who makes a really nice tow-behind core aerator. i don't want the "el-cheapo" model, i want something that will do a quality job AND will last and last. any recommendations??? are they easily operated frm the seat of a garden tractor???

ALSO, for the same 2 reasons stated above, i'm ready to buy a high quality (last forever) tow spreader. i was ready to buy a new spyker 288 but came to my senses and realized i could get the job done by parking my big ars on the JD x300 pull behind/tow spreader. any suggestions for "the best" tow spreader??? is it easily operated from the seat of a garden tractor?