View Full Version : Need help with bid on new Auto Zone Store

04-13-2008, 08:05 AM
I am going to bid on a new Auto Zone store lawn care svc and would like to know if anyone else has a Comm. account with some of the same items (i.e. mowing, edging, mulch, shrub trimming, etc.) I've got all the info from the Landscaping Owner; He said when they are through installing everything that they are out of it. So he was very helpfully with all the data/figures. I need a little help with parking lot blowing/cleaning charge; and how to charge/figure out how much to charge for mowing of grass when itís not all in one area.
Iím looking at about 3,500 sq yrds of SOD to mow; 36 yrds of Double Shredded mulch; 300 shrubs care; 60 small trees care; and about 250 pine straw bales plus all the fertilization for SOD, shrubs & trees.