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12-06-2001, 10:52 PM
I am flying out to Texas Saturday to look at the Cummins I previously posted about. I have found a couple places to check it out for me, but if they fall through what do I look for to make sure the engine is in good condition? Where is the blow-by valve? Is it right near the radiator?

Any help will be appreciated

12-06-2001, 11:24 PM
The truck is '95 Dodge 2500 w/ cummins diesel, 130k, and auto tranny.

Bunton Guy
12-09-2001, 06:33 PM
Whats so important about this vehicle to fly out to see it ? I mean you cant get one in your area ? that seems a little far to go you mine as well get a new one close by your house ! My buddy was selling his 2000 Dodge cummins 4X4 loaded for 16,500

12-10-2001, 01:30 AM
Bunton Guy,

$16500 for a 2000 4x4 cummins fully loaded. That is dirt cheap forn that truck. I just sold a 98 4x4 cummins 12 valve auto no options 130000 miles for $17000 in less than a week. That thing would sell in 5 min. around here for that kind of money.

John DiMartino
12-10-2001, 09:58 AM
Bunton,if that truck is still for sale,E-mail me,ill be there tomorrow,with cash,that is a steal.

12-10-2001, 09:20 PM
Don`t overlook the older Dodge with Cummins .Like a 90 or 93 has the older body style but the injectors are still mecanical rather than after 93 they are electronic. I bought a 91 with 126K and its got a 5 speed . Some time I plan on goin with an Allison auto if it isn`t that bad to convert. If and when we get a big flatbed like an F-700 I definatly want a 6 Cummins under the hood also.You got to watch it though when its real wet weather that deisel seems to gain about 40 hp.Also when you do get one look into the K-N airfilter cause they suck a lot of air.I plowed snow all last year and we were out in the worst of it .As long as the fuel is winterixzed it starts mucho better than gas. The Fords with the big 8 diesels we had use glowplugs instead of a heating grid like the Cummins.A guy told me his neighbor farmed hogs up in Northern Iowa ,had spraypainted on the side of the ole Dodge with Cummins "over 600,000 and still goin".

John DiMartino
12-10-2001, 10:44 PM
Dodge's didnt get electronic pumps until mid98.The 94--98 models were the best ever,their P7100 Bosch pumps can flow enough fuel to exceed the limits of most test stands,and do it reliably,since they are aslo lubed by engine oil,and not fuel alone like the 89-93,and 98.5-to present.The only thin electronic on the 94-98 is the fuel shut-off solenoid,which the 89-93 has also

12-12-2001, 01:52 AM
I stand corrected . Just goin by what the guy told me that I bought mine from. Any chance that you know what to run for trans oil in the 5 speed? A G360 .There is one for sale out of Iowa city(probly a farm truck) 92 4x4 with Cummins and automatic asking 6800.00 with 160K. If I had the loot right now I`d head over there and pick it up for a second plow truck . No I thought the guy told me they went electronic in 94 so..........

John DiMartino
12-12-2001, 09:32 AM
The only gear oil i would run is chrysler,or Gm syntorque,i is a GL$ rated oil,do not use GL-5,it is not good for the syncronizers in the trans.If out of warranty Id run Redline MT90,it is superior to syntorque,cheaper,and will last longer becuae its full synthetic.The gm dealer's syntorque is much cheaper,and its the same product.Chryselr wants about $25 a quart ofr theirs .The NV 4500 is working very hard when behind Cummins,the huge tirque output at low RPM really puts a hurting on them,so keep the oil fresh,to keep it alive.

12-12-2001, 02:36 PM
Sorry for not posting, I thought this post was dead. I went to Texas but the truck was not in very good shape. I can fly for $50 one way w/ Air Tran X-fares. In my area there are no Dodges for a good deal, and they sell like hot cakes if they are priced right. This weekend I am flying to Virginia to look at a Dodge duelly w/ cummins and 5-speed. Also I want to spend about 8k. NO PAYMENTS!! The original question was: How do I make sure the engine is not burning oil or needs rings or other realtive things?


12-12-2001, 04:30 PM
Thank You,John I`m going to try to locate some of that Redline MT 90 for this 5 speed Getrag.

John DiMartino
12-12-2001, 09:06 PM
Lanwworks,you really cant be sure without putting some miles on it.If it was taken care of it should be fine with even 300K on it,but if the air box wasnt sealing right,or he neglected to change the air filter,or oil on time,it may burn oil at 100K miles,usually the condition of the entire truck is a good reflection of the engine,and he will have some form of service records.For 8K dollars ,I wouldnt expect much truck,a good running Cummins 5.9 engine,complete with trans,and all misc will bring almost 1/2 that amount even with lots of miles on it.The thing to remember is these trucks are usually worked hard,so look them over good,Im not rying get your attentiuon away from the engine,but rarley does a Cummins wear out or go bad in a Dodge pickup,usually the truck itself will wear out before it,so look it over real good as well.