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12-07-2001, 09:09 PM
Hey Guys, Just got my self a max bcz2500s. Anyone got any comments or complaints , i would like to hear it ? But i guess it;s too late now already bought it ! Do you guys like or dis like them?Thanks Lee:)

Robert Doubrava
12-07-2001, 09:20 PM
I don't see any problem with em'.

12-07-2001, 11:38 PM
We buy redmax now replacing our older echo equip.
we use the bcz2500 and have had very few problems. have about 10 of them operating every day.

12-08-2001, 12:37 AM
I like them. I have several 2500 and 2600 models. The 4 stroke is my favorite, less noise, less vibration and no mixing gas.

Robert Doubrava
12-08-2001, 01:59 AM
About how much does it weigh?

12-08-2001, 08:03 AM
I usually run Shindiwa t270's. I bought a Redmax 2500 last year just to try. I like it a lot. THe only thing I don't like is that its hard to start first thing in the morning, other than that, it runs good. Not as much power as the t270's, but for a little trimmer I like it.

12-08-2001, 09:18 PM
We use the 2600's and love them. We have a 9yr old 260DL thats still in operation.

12-08-2001, 10:06 PM
If your asking about the weight of my 4 stroke, I can't tell much difference at all.

Albemarle Lawn
12-09-2001, 04:11 PM
Will buy a 4-cycle when a 4-cycle blower exists so I can leave the premix at home when mowing.

Till that day, premix no problem since it is there anyway.


01-09-2002, 01:51 PM

Just bought myself a new Shindaiwa T270.........

Man is it awesome...................

Thanks to everyone here for all the valuable experience and input.

It really made my decision easy

Happy New Year to all from the DEEP SOUTH !!

SJR Lawncare
01-09-2002, 02:21 PM
I have the Red Max BCZ2500 also, I love it, & plenty of power


01-09-2002, 08:12 PM
Very durable line of trimmers. Haven't killed one yet. Oldest one (still running) purchased probably in '96/97. We're running some old 2300's and some newer strato 2500's. Yup, sometimes a bear to start -even if primed and choked (usually indicates need for new plug), but man do they run well. Just keep an eye on the exhaust port because if you feel lack of power when cutting bed lines, or doing any type of edging, you'll need to clean the port. I will never buy another ECHO trimmer as they always cost me a short block or other expensive repair w/in first 12-18 months.
I'm assuming the shindawas probably use the same komatsu/zenoah engines as redmax (or at least they do for their blowers!)

Robert Doubrava
01-09-2002, 08:25 PM

That trimmer sounds good!! I'm surprised. Everyone has said that the 4 strokes are heavier!!;)