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12-08-2001, 09:11 AM
I am looking for recommendations for a 16' enclosed trailer purchase. I'll be hauling a walk behind, a Lazer HP, trimmers, and the other assortment of stuff. It will have a ramp, treated floor, brakes (required in the state), a side door, a ladder rack, spare tire, and venting. This is my first enclosed trailer purchase, and I'm trying to keep the cost under control. It's sometimes too easy to upgrade more and more, and lose sight of what you really need (i.e. looking for a Ford F150 XL 2WD V-8 and somehow test driving the F-350 crew cab dually with the 7.6L Diesel, and somehow trying to justify a way to upgrade. I stuck with the F150, but the fantasy is alive.).

My questions are:

Is it necessary to upgrade the walls?

What tie downs should I get (rings or track)?

What else should I look into that I may not have considered?

Lastly, where should I go to get the best value? I've looked at Wells Cargo and Timberwolf, and want to look at others. Can I save some money by going to Elkhart, IN (or that region) and picking it up myself? I don't mind driving to get it if I can save a reasonable amount of money.

12-08-2001, 10:49 AM

check out Haulmark's Kodiak Landscaper. It has reinforced kick plates and is designed with us mind. Spend a little exactra and get treated floors. Then Spray the floor and kick plate with a bed liner material. You can then hose it out as needed. The spray in bed liner will protect the trailer if (when) you spill fertilizer in it.

Haulmark is one of many good trailer out there. Enclosed trailer are the only way to go. Saves equip, gives professional image, and great way to advertise a rolling billboard.

Bunton Guy
12-08-2001, 12:13 PM
I had bought mine through Kraftsman trailers...great trailer its 7X16 and about 6.5" tall so I can walk around in it. IT came with 6 rings for tying down stuff...and I bought a trimmer rack through Landscape supply to go on the wall also put a cabanet in it for putting my round up , mixing jars, oil bottles and little tools + 3 racks for back pack blowers and a rod for my trimmer spools. Great working trailer one bad part is wheny your mower gets loose and pokes a hole through the trialer ...not fun. It came with 4 wheel electric brakes.

No Sweat L/C
12-08-2001, 06:27 PM
I just got a new enclosed trailer last month. It's 6x12 V-nose. With a single torsen axle with brakes. It was built in Deland, Fl by A-Ok Trailers. Much better materials and workmanship than any other trailer I looked at (Wells, Pace, Apple Valley or Timberland) the closest to it was a Cherokee Brand. It was built with 3/8" plywood walls and 3/4" teated floor. If I had a ZTR rider I would double layer the floor. Also has a 36" side door. I have installed some anchor rings about 8" off the floor so you don't trip over them on the floor. Try to find a V-nose if you travel alot at higher speeds, I had a smaller enclosed trailer before that was flat on the front. There is a big difference in the wind restence and you don't notice the cross winds as much as a flat trailer. I made sure that anything I attach to the walls have a extra layer of 3/8"plywood under the brackets and goes across 2 studs. The best tiedowns are the ones made for the back (transom) of a boat. The ones that I have are 2" wide, 10' long and have S-hooks on each end. Now my mowers don't move around any more. Take your time looking at different brands of trailers. Some companies have different lines of the same size of trailers. Alot of trailers are built for occasional use. If you tow it everyday like I do make sure that it's going to last. My last trailer was 10yrs old before someone ran into the back of it and TOTALED it.

12-08-2001, 06:50 PM
I have the 7X16 Haulmark, Kodiak Landscape series.
Right now I have a 36" and ZTR in it with room to spare in the back for an aerator or other extra equipment BUT NOT ANOTHER MOWER.
I would recommend going wider and longer than the 7X16 you can get a lot of extra room for just a little more money. the 8 footer would let you get a 72" mower in or a 60" with the boot for the vac system(if applicable) The next style up is the Thrifty Hauler which also gives more headroom.
Buy bigger than you would ever imagine you would need because, if you are like most people you are planning to expand your business. After just one full time year in the business I am already bidding on apartment complex. I bought the trailer when i had two 36"s this year a bought the ZTR and left one 36 at the house now for next year i would like a 48/52 but have no room for it.

Albemarle Lawn
12-08-2001, 07:31 PM
We have a Haulmark 18' and it stays parked. It is so large and obnoxious to drive that it is better as a storage shed.

Bought a new staight truck, Mitsubishi-Fuso 16'. The width of the truck allows a 60" Gravely ZTR. 72" Gravely ZTR, and 54" walk-behind + push mower to all ride comfortably without the driving hassle.

If you want enclosed you can now buy an enclosed landscaper with a gate and beaver tail. Millenium Body is the manufacturer.


12-08-2001, 09:24 PM
Make sure to get brakes on both axles, you won't regret it. One brake axle is fine on open trailers but with the extra weight of an enclosed, it's better to have two. Russ

12-09-2001, 06:36 PM

OK... Get tie down rings yourself and mount them into the floor crossmemebers where YOU want them... The e track is nice but all the dirt and leaves and grass gets stuck into the holes and hard to get cleaned out without removing the tracks... That can rot your floor...

Trimmer racks.. Look at Gridiron racks.. www.novaecorp.com
I think ?? maybe just www.novae.com... They also make the Proslide..

Look at Haulmark.. Wells Cargo is very expensive.. I use haulmarks and carmate... Like the Haulmark cause you can totally customize your trailer the way you want and wont cost you $10K... Under 6K and you get yourself a really nice rig..
Make sure you get at least two roof vents.. And if you want side vents..
What do you mean by upgrade the walls.. Most have 1/4" luan plywood.. Mine has 3/8ths and is fine.. Just make sure all the hooks and attachmnets , racks , etc, are bolted directly into the steel studs... which are usually on 24 or 16" centers...

If you have the time , Go pick it up your self,,, I did ... Saved me about $400. and got to go for a nice drive for the day.. Just need the day to waste... Most of those places are not open on Saturday.. So you got to do it during the week..

The bedliner coating is a good idea.. I think duplicolor sells it in gallons at wal mart... I just went to Sherwin Williams and got a good quality enamel paint with the grit mixed in.. Sems to have worked real well for me.. After two years now , i'll have to do a touch up in wear areas...

Good luck...

12-10-2001, 05:18 AM
Thanks for the responses.

SCAPEASAURUSREX: By upgrading the walls, I mean specifically upgrading from 1/4" luan to 3/8" plywood or OSB. Is it necessary, worthwhile, value-added, or is it "gold instead of silver"? I will be the user of this trailer.

As far as picking up a trailer myself, I'd like to, if I can save $200 or more. What I'm looking for is suggestions on from whom to order one. There are a number of dealers in the state, but so far my experience has felt similar to shopping for a used car.

David Haggerty
12-10-2001, 08:11 AM
You may want to check this out.


He keeps a lot in stock, and is not too far from you.


12-10-2001, 05:37 PM

I would go with the thicker walls. The 1/4" is way too thin all you need is one thing to swing loose and bam right through the 1/4" and leaves a nice dent in the outside skin of the trailer.. 3/8's should be what most of the better quality trailers come with..

12-18-2001, 07:12 PM
conepile, I went out to greencastle last week thinking about getting another enclosed trailer. This guy, I can't remember his name but will look for it has over 500 trailers in stock right on the corner of US36 and 231. If you get here you cant miss it. I am looking at 18'x7 or 8. good luck

12-18-2001, 09:32 PM
Detro's in Bainbridge. I was there last Thursday. Nice guy, but I was looking for guidance as well, and he is eager to sell me anything I want.

Thanks for the response. Do you have anything to add to above comments?

12-18-2001, 10:15 PM
you might want to try carmel trailers on rangeline road in carmel or Bruce Litton across the street from IRP in clermont, I have bought my tailers from Bruce Litton. I have not ruled out an outfit up in Elkhart that makes all aluminum trailers from the ground up. custom made to suit your needs. Less weight and you don't have to worry about your side pabels rusting out at the bottom, even the frame is aluminum