View Full Version : echo pas-260

12-08-2001, 04:46 PM
Hi all. I was wondering what you guys think about the echo 260 split shaft ? Im thinking about getting one since you have various attachments that can be applied but want to know if it is good or not. thanks

12-08-2001, 06:01 PM
we love ours,( 260 power head)attachments can get expensive though, but they are alot cheaper than buying indavidual units

Randy Scott
12-08-2001, 06:40 PM
I have the same unit, I think it's a PAS 2601, not a 260, anyways, I love mine. It works awesome. I have the edger,pole pruner, and dethatcher. They interchange in 30 seconds, good investment. Maybe more for solo like me than a crew though. Then maybe dedicated pieces so there is enough to go around. But for solo's I can only use one piece at a time.

12-08-2001, 07:25 PM
Bought the 26 last year (replaced a 24), It runs stronger than the 24 and is in my opinion a better piece of equipment. Accessories that I have for the 26 is the 'broom, hedge trimmer & string trimmer'... Echo builds a fine product..