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12-09-2001, 09:10 AM
I need some help in purchasing a wb mower. I use a toro proline 21 for about 20 midsize lawns and i am looking to expand next season. I need a decent midsize (maybe a 32 ) wb but i'm not sure if thats the way to go or should i use a 26 inch (ive seen a commercial snapper of that size) Any help or direction would be great.

12-09-2001, 10:01 AM
I looked around at everything I could find that was larger than a 21" and smaller than a 36". The only two mowers I found that looked well built for commercial work were the Toro 32" wb and the Bobcat 32" wb. Others I looked at were not built sturdy enough to suit me. I finally bought the Toro 32" with the Kawi. engine. It has worked out really well for me. It has lots of power, fits through 36" gates, and has a nice cut.:)

12-09-2001, 11:05 AM
Go with a 36" commercial. Find out what models are available in your area. Go try them all. The biggest dif in WBs is operator controls. Find one you like. I would suggest a hydro with electric start. I will get bashed for that but so what.

Things to consider when looking.

1. are hands protected when turning.
2. ease of oil change
3. deck quality
4. ease of adjusting height of cut
5. sulky

If you are serious about cutting in 10 years this will be your fenced back yard speciality machine.

Green Care
12-09-2001, 12:43 PM
I would suggest you look for a exmark 32or 36 there good.

12-09-2001, 01:36 PM
I have a 1991 32 scag gear drive that I bought from a landscape co. this is a very good machine fits through alot of more gates than a 36 can sorry to say that scag doesent make hydro for a 32

Albemarle Lawn
12-09-2001, 03:00 PM
And just use the push mower for gated yards. It will take a lot of yards to pay for a 36" walk behind that would be lost in bigger yards.


12-09-2001, 07:02 PM
Originally posted by 1grnlwn
I would suggest a hydro with electric start. I will get bashed for that but so what.

Things to consider when looking.

1. are hands protected when turning.
2. ease of oil change
3. deck quality
4. ease of adjusting height of cut
5. sulky

OK who make a 36" with electric start?

1 how?

2 maby

3 yes

4 not on a fixed deck

5 yes

Encore and Exmark make hydro 32"

12-09-2001, 07:23 PM
if u r doing small res with gates, i have found the 32 to be best. i have an exmark 32. the 36 would not go through alot of gates, the 32 fits through every single gate ive come across and has the power to cut wet grass, high grass, whatever. give your 21" to a little old lady.

12-10-2001, 04:31 AM
Either get a 36" or get an exmark 32" hydro and get Brad to put a flex deck on it. Everyone likes more INCHES.:blob3:

12-10-2001, 09:16 AM
LGF I guess there are't any elect. 36's. I figured there would be, my smallest WB is 48". I believe snapper makes a control system which keeps the hands on the inside of the bars so when making inside turns next to a fence or wall your hand doesn't become the nerf bar.:eek:

12-10-2001, 11:37 AM
If there is a dealer near by you wanna ck out the Hustler WB. Its built like a tank and has the best controls for easy use.

12-10-2001, 07:07 PM
Get a 36 inch WB- belt driven. It's cheap, dependable, easy to work on, can get through 99% of fences/gates. Most manufacturers can take a Proslide in stead of a Velky.

Got one for my first mower- never regretted it.


12-10-2001, 09:22 PM
I have the toro 32 it is a good allround mower the deck does not float but rides on pins so it will move alittle kind of semi float. the only prob i had was the clutch went out and it was $250 bucks hope it dont go out any more.

12-10-2001, 11:17 PM

I can see where you coming from now. I saw a sanpper wb today.

But it never happens to me on a wb, no need to get that close to a fence, or solid object.

12-11-2001, 05:03 PM
I was going to post a new thread, but think I will just tag on to this one. I was in the market for a 36" WB for getting into fenced gates. Now I am hearing that some have trouble get their 36 into some gates. Maybe I should reconsider a 32 WB. Would anyone care to elaborate ont he subject? Also, what is the advantage over a hydro vs. gear transmission? (just a smoother operation?)

Chopper Lover
12-11-2001, 05:15 PM
First the 36" deck and gates...

A 36" cut mower is a little larger than the 36" the blade path makes. Most 36" gate openings are 36". Therefore it is sometimes impossible to get a 36" deck past a 36" gate. That is why the 32" would come in handy.

I would suggest measuring the gates on your properties and using those measurements to HELP make your decision on a 32" vs. 36".

Second... Gear vs. Hydro

Hydro's will work better on wet/damp grass because they don't have any drive belts to slip. Hydro's will also move your mower faster across the yard in most cases. Hydro's are about $1000 more expensive than a gear drive.

I hope this was helpful.


12-11-2001, 06:32 PM
I agree w/ Sheppard. I wouldn't spend the extra money on a hydro drive for such a small mower. I have 36 and 44 Toros for my rougher lawns. The 44 has a better cut. I've never had any problems with my belt drives... of course, I come in out of the rain, too.


12-11-2001, 08:00 PM
Exmarks belt and hydros go the same speed. With the hydros you have infanit forwards and reverse.

You could get a 32" viking and get a Flex-Deck on it to total 50".


http://www.flex-deck.com/, is making the mods for it as we speek.

hydros have other benafits. more power to the wheel, and zero turn ability.

Best advice go try both.

No Sweat L/C
12-12-2001, 09:09 PM
You need to measure all your gates first. Many years ago when my 21" mower died and only had a my 36" mower to use. I found out that I had only had one gate it wouldn't go though. I talked with the homeower into letting me inlarge the gate to fit the 36. I figured a new gate was cheaper than a new 21" mower for one yard. Now all I do for new customers is measure the gate when I walk the yard if the gate is too small I ask if there is another way to get in back yard if not I tell them that I can't get the mower so I'm sorry i can't do their yard.

Also most 36" mowers will go though 36" gate, becouse of the blade overlap. They only cut about 35" thats why the same length blades on a 36" are used on a 52". I know of only company that says a triple 18" blades on a mower cuts 54". The rest say 52" cut.

If this is your main mower get the hydro. Its faster to go from forward to reverse. With the hand grips plus the hydo uses less hand grip pressure the operate than belt drive. At least on my Scag mower.

12-12-2001, 10:34 PM
Most 36" gates in this area are really about 34" - 35" wide. Every 36" mower I have measured is a min. of 37" wide. MY Kees 36" was 37.25" wide. I sold the Kees and got the Toro 32" with the 12hp Kawi. engine. It is belt drive, but I like it as it is fast and is lightweight compared to hydros. I bought it just because of the 36" gate problem.:D

12-13-2001, 12:28 AM
my 36 couldnt get through alot of gates, and even some it could get through, it was a pain to twist, turn, etc. to get it through. i got the 32, it fits easily through every single gate ive encountered. if u r gonna do residentials, u r gonna have gates, i really dont care to take peoples fences apart to get in.

12-13-2001, 11:13 AM
I have the Toro 32". I bought it for the sole purpose of getting through 36" gates. I use that mower more than any other that I have. Best desicion I made!!! It has a very nice cut as well.

12-13-2001, 04:25 PM
Thanks for all the input. Because of this thread, I will check into the 32" decks. I was leaning towards the Exmarks, but I will check out the Toros. Does anyone have opinions on the Honda's?

12-13-2001, 05:02 PM
Originally posted by walker-talker
Thanks for all the input. Because of this thread, I will check into the 32" decks. I was leaning towards the Exmarks, but I will check out the Toros. Does anyone have opinions on the Honda's?

Honda comm'l w/b's? Stay far away. Pm me or Scotlawncare if you would like to know.

Honda 21" are the best in my opinion, but the bigger models, well...

12-13-2001, 07:03 PM
I heard Honda is not going to make commercial mowers any more.

Not the 21"s the commercial WalkBehinds.

They will still make engines.

02-06-2002, 04:02 PM
I have a Toro 37" walk behind. What is all this about 36" walk behinds. Do i have some odd model or what. Anyways it has been the best mower i have ever purchased. It fits in all my gates except for a few. I don't know what size gates you guys are talking about. Maybe Texas just has bigger gates. I don't know what the deal is. But toro is the way to go. T-bar is the best steering system for a walk behind. To bad they have it patented. If they didn't i would definetly buy a cheap ole ENCORE if it had the t-bar controls. Some one tell me about the EXmark Steering. I have never used one....

02-07-2002, 06:09 PM
Like TotalLawn, I also purchased a Toro 32" wb for lawns with narrow,36" gates. I am so glad I bought this mower, as it really speeds up mowing in those big back yards with narrow gates.:D

02-07-2002, 07:30 PM
Don't blow all of your money off on a hydro that you don't need as your first commercial mower. Like the other gys have been saying, start off with an Exmark or Toro gear drive. I've seen a lot of guys like that who blow all their money off on an expensive mower and go out of business in a month. Go for the gear drive!