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12-10-2001, 08:26 PM
After doing sprinkling for a year, I am considering doing lawn mowing in addition to the sprinkling. My question is would a Walker GHS 48 inch with a 9.6 catcher be a good purchase. The propertys in my market area are typically low maintenance by the property owners. Not a lot of highend lawns or cultured grasses.
typically rural lawns with a lot of acreages. My thoughts would this unit be to slow? or would this Trick unit help differentiate myself from the competition? Also the community I live in has a lot of 100 year old Maple Trees our city crews spend 6 weeks picking up leaves for the residents. Please give me your professional and expert opinions my mind is swimming in mower SPECS

12-10-2001, 09:15 PM
Maybe you should rethink this mowing thing. To make enough profit to survive, you need to be making some serious money. Find out if you can even get enough accounts and ones willing to pay $60.00/hr.
Acreage requires a fast, wide mower. A 52-60" o-turn will suit you best. Leaves will be a major problem without big equipment. You may need to hire additional labor as well. It's better to find these things out the easy way rather than the hard way like some of us.

12-10-2001, 10:08 PM
turfman59, send a message to runner, he's near you and will give you some good insight. I have Walkers and a MTD ProZ midmount and they both have their places. If you only get the Walker bid the smaller tighter jobs, when you have enough jobs, buy the 62" side discharge deck and you're set. If you get a midmount you will have to get a collection system, price everything out.

12-11-2001, 04:25 AM
DONT talk about them walkers being slow you will wake up the walker army!!!! shhhhhh.

12-11-2001, 10:16 AM
Originally posted by strickdad
DONT talk about them walkers being slow you will wake up the walker army!!!! shhhhhh.

Didn't they say that about the 3rd largest army, the Iraqis? :p

12-11-2001, 07:21 PM
I just bought a Walker this fall and it's saved me tremendous amounts of time with leaf control. And the cut is supurb. If I had a bunch of large rural lawns with rough grass though, I would have chosen a different ZTR just because of the ground speed and (according to popular rumor) decreased maintenance efforts.

It sounds like you're looking at a used Walker for only 8300.00. If you go with a Walker I would recommend buying new. With so many moving parts, you're bound to want to use that warranty sometime.