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Fantasy Lawns
12-12-2001, 05:39 PM
Anyone do either of em ..... have any info related to grounds maintance past or present ?

12-12-2001, 08:01 PM

Are you planning on soliciting them?

12-12-2001, 08:12 PM
Know the guy who does the Tom Bodette establishment here locally. Two guys for a total of 3 man hrs grosses $165.

We both bid on the Red Roof and were around $6/m sf because of all the smaller aprons associated with the property and the magnitude of edging.

Hes a good friend so I was not out for his Motel 6 but we both discussed our bids prior to submitting them to make sure that we were both comparing apples to apples.

Hope this helps.

Fantasy Lawns
12-12-2001, 09:28 PM
No ...not a Solicite .... Beach Side is locked down tight ....the LCO on the Beach shares the Wealth with another ..... yet quality is slipping .... we do a few Condo's .... just No Hotel's ....so any foot hold it a plus ....I'm not worried as $$ as I know what they get (not that it matters) n it is very fair

But am picky working with Property Man Co's ....just curious if National Landcare is a fair ....honest working management firm

Kris ... was that with the owner directly or is a Management Co in the middle ....is he happy with the way they work?

12-12-2001, 10:11 PM
I don't know about the 6's and the Red Roof Inns, but I did two Super 8 Motels for a number of years. They had medium to med-high standards, and always had to be shining for the inspection days. This last year, I lost them to someone who did them for just over 1/2 of what I was charging. Yeah, needless to say, they were calling ME to come do the shrubs, and the lot care. (I hit 'em HARD!) So, maybe this next year, I'll be back in. I just have to sit down and talk to the owner and see just what is is he wants. The Geo, the Buick, or the Cadillac. What are you looking for?

12-13-2001, 06:36 PM
Originally posted by theleven
Kris ... was that with the owner directly or is a Management Co in the middle ....is he happy with the way they work? Steve "The Outfit" that has been doing it now for the past four years gives them a Full Service Contract for everything from Snow to Seasonal Color. Yes, there have been three Management Companies in the four years. The decisions IMHO of the property manager carry much weight with these Firms. ;)

The property manager says the grounds have been put out to bid at the end of each season The LMO has had it. The property manager also claimed this is company policy to do so (I believe they are looking to keep The LMO in check). Property manager said they are extremely satisfied with The LMOs workmanship.

IMHO the entire property could(and should) be cut with a 36" deck. There are a few stretches along the perimeters where The LMO has chosen to use 21" units to keep the terrain (more like micro culverts -LOL!!!) looking immaculate.

From what I have gathered in discussions with the property managers the $6/m is higher-end middle of the road from the bids they have received.

Hope this helps.

Fantasy Lawns
12-13-2001, 07:26 PM
Runner ....I agree it looks like they want mid to mid+ type of service ....atleast the want a one LCO to do it all ...of which we sub spray

Thanks Kris ....your right on this one about terrain....lots of small hilly islands for the 21" ....inner courtyard with pool that is 36" stuff ....one large area in back for the 60" ..... I agree the property manager really has alot of input n these ..... management firms bid em out yearly ..... yet this one has not be out for atleast 5 years ..... new management has come on ....new carpet ....paint etc ....so maybe new LCO