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05-08-2008, 10:49 PM
The guy that built my website. just got it up today and has kinks to be worked out, but what doy ou think about a news letter? like home owner yard tips, when to water and fertlilize and all that good stuff. well here it is so far but i will repost when everything is worked out. wouldnt mind your opinions..... thanks!


05-09-2008, 04:13 AM
The only thing I see on the home page is first line "like one of our own" take out "one" so it reads "like our own" -- makes more sense, you probably only have one lawn of your own.
Also lawn look the best possible and everyone in your neighborhood will envy you!

should read "look the best possible and be the envy of the neighborhood" or "be the best posible and the envy of the neighborhood"

Language affects people at a subconscious level, and your wording might get a few people but more people subconsciously think it "wrong" to want to be the "envy" of their neighbors because that makes it "personal" while the "neighborhood" is a thing, not a person like "everyone" on a subconscious level.

I only looked at the first page but it's not bad, the only other thing is the body text borders on being too small for me to read it on my LCD. I'd bet you have a 17" monitor or such and it probably looks larger to you, but to me a tad smaller and I'd need the reading glasses...which I won't pick up to read a web site. You might consider increasing it a notch since you may have older visitors & such who find it harder or impossible to read, even if it's just because they need to clean their bifocals ;)

Turf Troll
05-09-2008, 11:46 AM
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<meta name="keywords" content="Shultz Lawn Care Serving St. Cloud Minnesota" />

I don't see "St. Cloud Minnesota" on the page content any where, I could of missed it but besides saying something is a keyword it should be on the page

If you can service Waite Park and Sauk Rapids I would add them also,

If someone does find you from a search on the internet I would have my phone number displayed prominently stick in your face CALL ME HERE, I am glad they found my page I'm not going to make them search for my phone number.

the only other item you might consider is the link on the bottom of the page
"website by happygram"
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Well good luck with your site,


Turf Troll
05-09-2008, 11:59 AM
My time expired to edit my post,

About the news letter if you can handle the extra time it takes more power to you, thats a lot of extra time if you create your own content and I doubt that you would convert people to your service, I track the visitors to my websites and if I have 1000 visitors to my landscaping site a month 60% or more might be from across the US and around the Globe. I had one from Singapore last month who found me through "landscaping stone" that's the wild card about the internet.


05-09-2008, 01:56 PM
I really like the look of it, its a simple and clean layout.

I also really like the services page, with the pictures of equipment you have available. I might do something similar with mine.

The one thing that I would change is the banner at the top of the page. The banner looks hastily done and pixelated. like something that was just slapped together in photoshop. I would take the equipment you have there, go out to a property you maintain, and take a picture with the equipment and maybe some guys holding the equipment. Then photoshop your logo onto it. Use a high resolution when you're doing it, so there isn't that pixelation in the text.


05-09-2008, 06:31 PM
I would highly suggest putting a phone number in there on every page. Even if it goes to a voice mail just let people know you will call them back within X amount of time.

In the long run it would be better for you to put your news letter on the site itself so that you have regularly updated content. Search engines like things like that to help move your site up in the rankings. Try to update it at the very least once a month...once a week is better. Also, very few people are likely to actually sign up for the newsletter. In general folks are paranoid about getting on email lists and things like that.

You should also consider putting the names of the cities in your area that you service and maybe even some particular neighborhoods that you want to target. Search engines won't tie those to the "Saint Cloud area".

Some "real world" photos of your properties and/or people/equipment can go a long way as well.