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06-02-2008, 10:26 PM
I am building my first falls into a pool. For those experienced with this type of construction, I would like to hear your ideas for keeping this thing from leaking. I am planning on using EPDM liner with a pre-slope to the pool like a shower pan. All rock will sit on the liner and I will use the rock to direct the flow to the pool.

Here is a "napkin" sketch that I drew while waiting in the bank today. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Also, has anyone used a dedicated falls inline pump?


06-08-2008, 06:43 PM
where is this job located? I did one in Cedar City Utah we used the same edpm liner and shotcrete'd it. We used a pebble tech over the entire surface as well, but the pool was going in new. Is this pool existing, and you are just upgrading with the falls?

06-08-2008, 07:11 PM
where is this job located? I did one in Cedar City Utah we used the same edpm liner and shotcrete'd it. We used a pebble tech over the entire surface as well, but the pool was going in new. Is this pool existing, and you are just upgrading with the falls?

Hi Pendagast, it is nice to have you on here. I am from Utah actually. I love McCall also. You have an awesome place to work.

The pool is existing and I don't plan on disturbing the pool deck at all. Just going right on top. This is a small feature. I am limited by about a 5x5' footprint. That is the hard part. I am thinking of using the Atlantic water garden colorfalls now, and just building this so that the water drops straight in the pool.

To get a 2' water drop in a 5 x5 footprint without using any large stones (because of access) seems like too big a challenge to create a very natural looking falls. I may have to make it look a little more formal. I think that would be much easier.

Do you have any pics?

Are you a pool builder. I would love to have the chance to pick a pool builders brain.


06-08-2008, 07:40 PM
I'm not a "pool builder" per se, just a huge water feautres builder.
I was a hydraulic engineer in the military, did a lot of farm irrigation for grass skirts in central africa so they wouldn't die out when their technology having cousins starting building hydro electric dams.
I'm a bit of a pump fanatic, and I got into water gardening when aquascapes was cheesy stuff (not syaing they are now, but back in the day the pre-fab kits were sold at nurseries and home depot.

so I really don't use kits.

I took a job a while back doing some excavating for a developer in St. George UT. then he sent me and some other guys to vegas to learn from the engineers that built the volcanic water feature at the mirage.

Then we started building all these monster water features (thats what the entrada development is known for)

I was part of Elite Landscaping and Water Features for a time in St. George and thats when the Cedar City pool project was done, I worked with a local pool contractor side by side and we did alot of negative edge pool/water features for the parade of homes and the like as well as grotto style, shamoo shelves and beach entry style pools, they all looked like naturally existing ponds put were actually commercial installedand proper pools.

We moved to Idaho (wife grew up in caldwell). Since then Ive gotten involved alot with sesch enginnering, and the army corps of enginneers as you are familiar McCall has alot of existing waterways, and what I specialize in right now is working with existing water ways and incorporating man made ponds, tributaries and falls.
I broke ground on central Idahos largest water feature last september (150x75) it is 18 feet deep and has rainbow trout in it which gets stocked by the home owner.

At the moment I am the go to guy for pumps, large ponds, erosion control, wet lands mitigation, trail building, drainage and irrigation/water features in this area.

I completed the course in landscape design from ashworth university and will be working to finish my masters in civil engineering (when I get enough money/time)

I do alot of automated work using maxicom (site control and IQ as well) on park/muncipal irrigation, pumps starts and lighting as well.

My current pet project is working on start up for the Golf division of my partnership.

My partner is a former bulidng contractor, and does most of the vertical work.
We also do out door kitchens, gazebos and brick pizza ovens. (
altough thts mostly his speciality.)

06-08-2008, 07:43 PM
hmmm, small falls, existing pool.
I would definately shot-crete it. Do you have any experience with free form shot-crete?

06-08-2008, 07:54 PM
That is awesome stuff. I would love to move towards both larger scale projects and the projects utilizing existing natural waterways and wetlands. I think there is very little of that going on here, but I plan on moving to Colorado when everything lines up right.

I have not used shotcrete at all. I think it would fun to learn to sling mud. I would love to see some photos of your big projects if you ever have time. If you don't want to post them on here, email would even be great. Take a look at this project I finished this spring. I finally got to build one large enough to display my creativity and knowledge I gained at a lot of manufacturer training.


I think now I just need the right opportunities to keep expanding on this.

06-08-2008, 08:28 PM

I dont have ny pics uploaded. I lost my old computer on the move from st george ( something with the hard drive and static electricity) I had them backed up online and then I couldnt get into it for some reason.

The last project I did in Colorado was in the arrowhead subdivision in vale.
Pics can ben seen on the website for the company i worked for www.thelandscapcenter.com
go to design build portion of the website
another guy to get in contact with when you move to colorado is kremling water gardens they did the original water feature there, then had to tear it down because the customer wanted bigger (yes the customer paid for both water features, crazy, isnt it?)

06-08-2008, 08:29 PM
opps arrowhead is actually in edwards colorado, down the street from vale