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06-23-2008, 10:57 PM
I was considering starting a landscapping venture mainly concentrating on mowing. What are some of the bussiness end of things that I need to know. Getting costomers, becoming a bussiness, taxes, how much to charge for services and what kind of equipment I should purchase? And anything else I didnt mention. I have been doing this stuff part time for a couple summers now but I didnt handle any of this stuff and I was considering going on my own.

Thanks for any help Ben

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06-23-2008, 11:09 PM
Getting customers can be very difficult especially once most have already signed for this year. I have found that newspaper ads, word of mouth, and flyers tend to work the best for advertising. When pricing a lawn you have to remember to price for the fuel you use, wear on the equipment, other business expenses and still make a nice profit for yourself. Prices for lawns vary greatly by area, some areas a lawn may go for $30 but in another area that same lawn would go for $40, it just depends a lot on what your market will handle. Equipment will of coarse be your biggest expense when first starting out. If you are going to be mowing larger residentials and commercials a good ZTR with atleast a 52" deck or bigger would be your best bet. But if you are going to be just mowing residential a ZTR with a deck 52" and smaller would be good or a good commercial wb (like a 36"-48"). When buying your trimmers and blowers try to buy from the same company. I really like Stihl and have had very good luck with their equipment. You will probably want to get a trailer, 16' seems to be a pretty common size that should be able to handle anything you will be doing and still gives you plenty of room to grow. BTW make sure that you will have a place to dump any leaves or grass that you collect from yards. Best of luck to you.