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Turf Troll
07-23-2008, 08:57 PM
I am going to list "Tips, Tools & Resources" to help anyone who can't get a handle on advancing their site on the search engines. And if Reggie has the time to implement the work it shouldn't take very long for the site I put up for him.

You can pull great information about seo from this forum and you should have a handle on about everything you need to know by just reading the stickies.


What started just trying to help someone out who's site was down has turned into getting his site on the first page and hopefully to the top for his keyword. On page two of this thread.


The free version comment hut lite go to this site.

Download and open. To use it you put a keyword ("landscaping" for us) and it finds blogs with that topic. Find a topic you like on someones blog and tell them what your opinion is on what their writing, and include a anchor text link (lawn care tampa- like the signature) and you have another link. Just try to add a decent reply,

I believe people write blogs because they want a conversation going on and your helping with a decent comment plus your the landscape maintenance guy/professional gardener - thats the other good keyword to use in comment hut "gardener". If you find a blog that ends with .edu instead of .com thats a better grade link if you can get it.

Just get one ( 1 ) new link a day from using comment hut. It's your business your going to get far more from these links than most people can imagine if you put a little effort into the process. Did I mention it is free.

Listing your business on the internet,

These are all places where you can put up links and descriptions for you business. To do all of them might take 30 minutes to a hour.











Keep a list of the sites and the passwords you use for them because you may want to go back and change a listing sometime.

I found a few years ago I got more business from the internet than the yellow page ads and I stopped advertising with them. I Thank my Lord I broke free of the phone company and their jive.

I'll post some more resources in a couple days. Reggie should have submitted the www.lawncaretampafl.com site to these free sites and anyone who is interested can get a feel for how long the process takes.

07-23-2008, 11:50 PM
as always thanks for the help

Turf Troll
08-11-2008, 06:40 PM
Here are some sites that help you get links to your site, you need to add a few basic details and the sites semi-automate the submission process.


find one you like and do it once every 4 months

Bill S
08-11-2008, 09:06 PM
Turf, check out titles of my pages, it will help with the individual seo if you set up similarly...

Try this Lawn Care | Lawn Mowing Tampa, St Pete


Turf Troll
08-12-2008, 08:06 AM
Thanks Bill,

I have done a few like that but stopped for " lawn care tampa lawn care"
or - "lawn care tampa lawn service" Sometimes I like to put the phone number in there so it shows up in the search listing title.

If there is serious competition I would probably go the way your suggesting.
50% of the time I don't do what I know is a better method until I get a site close to the first Page. I guess I better go take care of "lawn care tampa " site soon.