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01-17-2002, 09:52 PM
im starting my own landscape business, first off any advice?
im starting in march/april ok.If i do my advertising properly and
pass out my fliers/cards etc. i normally charge 35-40 per lawn.
if i do all that stuff i said earlier how many lawns roughly do u think i can mow a week?(experienced guess)My reasons are this im also getting married in june and recently been layed off and
the unemployment is running out.So with all this stuff getting married and finding a place to live im very nervous maybe it wont work out etc...I live in boston and plan on advertising in 5 cities
im trying to weigh all my options,can u make a very good living
doing basic landscaping if u run the co. properly?any advice would greally be appreciated


Duncan IN
01-17-2002, 10:12 PM
I think it would be a strain, I am single going into my third year. All my equipment is brand new. So I have been strained the past few years. The advice I would give you is Don't buy new stuff, if you are getting married here soon. But don't buy junk and shoot yourself in the foot it wll cost you more in the long run. Save is my biggest advice! I know if I was getting married when I started out I would be no where near where I am now, but that is me. If you manage your money right and do a good job anything is possible. I think you should be able to get 40 lawns done in a week with no problem.

My advice is based on my experiences, others vary and probably will be better

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Premo Services
01-17-2002, 10:19 PM
i normally charge 35-40 per lawn.if i do all that stuff i said earlier how many lawns roughly do u think i can mow a week?(experienced guess)

That would depend on what kind of equiptment you are operating, and how big the lawns are.. Also if you are new to this, it will take a bit longer for jobs at the begining, then with experience, you will become more time efficient. You will need good commerecial equiptment for the amount of jobs you want to do. The first couple years are tough but it gets better, as does the money that you will be making. There is a lot more to consider than getting customers,
Insurance- business and equiptment,vehicle
equiptment and maintenance costs
Vehicle costs