View Full Version : good deal?

08-05-2008, 10:37 PM
hey, new to thwe site. Started a lawn business about 2-3 years ago with a 22" push mower. I have about 12 lawns and at the begginning of the season merged with my hs friend who has about 15 lawns, we now mow together each with a push mower and were looking to upgrade to a 36 inch walk behind to speed up our work. As were mowing a lawn a guy comes up to us and says he has a 36 inch cub cadet mower that he is looking to sell. Said he was going to start a business but due to his second son being born with some medical problems and him having to take him to the doctor 3 times a week he is not going to be able to. He has had it for 2 years and mowed only 10 lawns for the season last year and is only doing 4 lawns with it this year. He said he bought it for $2825 and hes looking to get $1900 for it, it has gator blade on it and hes also going to throw in an extra pair of brand new ones as well as a brand new air filter for it. Doesnt look beat at all and started up on the first pull. It has a 13 hp kawasaki engine and manual clutch i think. Does this sound like a good price for this mower? Anyone have an experience with cub cadet or some reviews of thier products?