View Full Version : For Sale 21" Honda HRC216 KSXA Commercial WB Cincinnati, OH

09-06-2008, 11:18 AM
I have for sale a VERY NICE Honda HRC216 KSXA Commercial Grade mower. 2 speed gear drive, BBC, twin blades, bag & mulch plug included. This is a hardcore unit still in excellent condition, and is practically indestructible. I am asking $600 obo for it. There are no mechanical issues at all, no rust, just a few minor scratches on the deck. There is a crack in the plastic starter recoil cage, but this does not affect it's operation at all and would be super cheap and easy to replace. I have a bunch of 21" mowers, and I am getting rid of it because I just don't use it, and need the garage space/money :)
Pickup in Cincinnati, OH.
This a great mower at a great price, nuff said.

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