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01-07-2000, 05:26 PM
I have a decision to make. I just picked up a large property and the owner wants a large portion of it bagged. i will have to purchase a bagger for one of my commercial mowers, the little lawn tractor won't be fast enough, has anyone out there used the Scag bagger made for the Super Z? If so please let me know how they work-hold up, etc. I need to act fast, I know I could also get one for my 50" D.C, but they run around $2,000.00 I want to dedicate the Scag as a bagger only machine so I don't have to take it on and off.

01-07-2000, 08:28 PM
You might check with Accelerator Industries<br>1-425-562-3013. They make bagger that fit on the side...like a walk behind. I bought one for my 60&quot; Lazer. Looks odd, but it works well. No plates,brackets, or drilling, it just attaches to the deck. On or off in a second. It sticks out 21&quot; and holds 6 bushels. For $365 it was worth it. I could not see speading $2000 for a bagger.

01-08-2000, 05:32 AM
Why not consider a Trac-Vac? They're about $1000-1500 depending on machine and you can switch from bagging to side dischage by simply removing the boot.<p>We custom fabricate ours to take the whole thing off, including the engine and hopper in 1 minute and putting it back on in 1 minute.