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09-17-2008, 03:34 PM
Was contacted today by the manager of a condo complex I have on a weekly cut and year round maintenance. One of the owners told him that it should not be cut on a Friday because the foot traffic over the weekend (people playing with kids, lounging etc) is more detrimental to the yard then if it was just left to be 5-7 or more inches long. I normally cut it weekly at 3.25 taking around an inch or so off. The lawn looks great as teh manager attested to but wanted to respond to this guy. Before I said anything to the manager I thought I would check in.

What do you think?

Dean of Green
09-17-2008, 06:19 PM
I have never heard of anything like that. Maybe this guy has Fridays off and just wants to sleep in.

09-17-2008, 06:26 PM
sounds like another one of those "Tufr experts" to me. We get alot of that around here, mostly retired folks who have been local for a long time and think they know all about how to care for their lawn. Also could be the case above, he just doesn't like the noise on Friday. If this is a large complex, the manager shouldn't have to worry about one resident when all others are satisfied. As far as your answer to the manager this would depend on turf type, and any evidence of damage caused by traffic over the weekend, any chance you could schedule service earlier in the week. this may make everyone happy.

09-17-2008, 06:26 PM
That's ridiculous.

09-17-2008, 06:32 PM
do you bag the grass or mulch or side discharge...maybe they are mad about the grass clippings getting on themselves?

09-17-2008, 06:49 PM
Tell the manager to buck up. Tell the manager to take the issue before the board and have a vote.

When they decide they're going to change the day it can be mowed on, there's going to be at least 2 people that are going to be upset that it's no longer mowed on Friday so now it doesn't look as nice when the family comes over on the weekend.

I hate townhomes, can you tell?

As for the heavy foot traffic right after it's been mowed........ the guy's a moron.

09-17-2008, 09:20 PM
I dont know but I have heard the same thing...but again how many city parks I must mow on Friday just so it does look good for the weekend

09-17-2008, 09:29 PM
When We have Customers that are smarter than we are...........

We drop them

09-17-2008, 09:36 PM
Mowing on a Friday at a condo complex will hurt nothing, it is always better to keep the mowing height consistant. It will always be better to keep it around 3 - 3.5 inches rather than to have it taller. My fulltime job is at a golf course and we mow as much as possible on fridays for looks and also so the grass isnt so long by the time some of it gets remowed on monday or tuesday. That includes everything from Rough (mostly Blues) at 2.25" / Fairways (low mow blues) and tee boxes (low mow blues) at .625" and Greens (Bent - mainly L93) at .130" After a couple of hours all damaged cells in the grass plan from mowin have sealed up and the grass resumes normal growth. The only time this would make sense would be if the turf is under abnormal stress like drought or disease. And i will quit rambling now thank you.

09-17-2008, 09:50 PM
IMO there might be a little truth to it, but is it ever really enough to be noticeable. It would have to be some amazing turf to be that concerned. Here's the thought: The grass is most sensitive the first 24-48 hours after the cut. It would have to be really hot to see damage I would imagine. Its kind of like if you cut your toe, then someone stomps on it a few times an hour later. If you cut your toe and someone stomps on it 3 days later it hurts a little less. I dont think it is a reason to be concerned. They cut professional ball fields all the time before games and they are a lot harder on them than some HOA lawn. As far as your answer to this guy tell him that he's right cause thats what he wants to hear, but also tell him that healthy turf is far more resistant to stress, then follow up with an aeration proposal at $200 per hour.

09-17-2008, 09:57 PM
how many people are actually going to go outside and play on the grass?If theres that much foot traffic it would never look good no matter which day you cut it.Sounds like someone with either nothing better to do or as stated above has off on fridays and likes to sleep in.

09-17-2008, 10:28 PM
I guess I would ask them which day would be better...

09-17-2008, 10:59 PM
Thats just dumb... the foot traffic on the weekend wont hurt the lawn one bit, you can cut on monday but its an APARTMENT COMPLEX ! the residetns are still there and walking on the lawn every day of the week. Plus i don't let the customers tell me how to schedule my work, i schedule all acounts in the same area on the same day. and i wont reschedule one account for something that dumb...

Jason Rose
09-17-2008, 11:23 PM
Yep, the guy is full of it. Heck, I'd glady move them to an earlier day in the week if I were you. Free up the friday time for customers that want it! I have many that are always wanting thursday/friday mowing so the lawns look nice for the weekend.

Just my opinion of what I see... Grass seems to do better with foot traffic/playing, if it's cut at the right height. When it's long it tends to get mashed down and then the mower has a hard time getting it sucked back up 100% and you end up with a crappy cut.

09-18-2008, 12:07 AM
I guess my approach would be to have the tenents take a vote during a meeting and simply abide by thier majority vote.

09-18-2008, 12:14 AM
we usually cut the high end customers on friday so they look good for the weekend.