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SORRY 1500z
09-18-2008, 02:21 AM
i bought a new 1500z last spring.i had problems with the cut quality i reported it to the dealer who said no problem bring it back we will take a look.its now fall 08 i have had the mower back 7 or 8 times still has the same problem .it leaves a stripe of uncut grass in the area of where your right foot sits. it also started throwing the deck belt off last fall and it still is doing it. the dealer just decided the mower has no problem and refered me to Farris . Farris says the dealer said that they don't see any problems. i have sent cut quality pictures to Farris who says they only see tire tracks.i have asked for a sales rep or a tech to please come look at it.they have given me a eta of 3 to 4 weeks. its the 4Th week now and after several more calls not returned i finally reached the service manager . he now says they have no intentions of sending any one out.the mower has 32 hours on it now . i and the shop has put 12 hours on it this year. they just told me to take it back to the dealer again. so far i have made 6 trips of around 70 miles r.t the dealer did 2. i asked if i could have a different dealer look at it and if they found any thing wrong with the mower could they please replace it with one that works properly or please give my money back. the service manager said both was out of the question. any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

09-21-2008, 08:30 PM
Have you tried different blades? Is it only on your own lawn this is happening? 12 hours a year sounds like a home owner. I service 62 weekly accounts with my 1500. The belt jumping off i had. Fixed that with a proper deck adjustment. Out of my 62 lawns 2 lawns streak on me. They are health lawns that are over fertilized by the homeowner. They hold alot of moisture and are thick. The casters lay the grass down and the deck has problems bringing it all back up because of the moisture content. I have found gators and removal of the dicharge chute made a huge improvement. If your deck is adjusted to 1/4" lower in the front and the belt is still jumping then yell loud. But a adjustment cured my problem.

SORRY 1500z
09-23-2008, 12:17 AM
Yep I am a homeowner looking to get back in the biz.My neighbors are vary particular about there lawns they wont pay me for work thats not neat and excepitional.The deck I just remeasuerd in the lowest setting it appears to be correct. As for my lawn ;I have never fertilized. Its part grass part weeds ,my neighbors have no problems with there home depot John deers. The chute was removed on day one.Any other ideas?

09-23-2008, 07:52 AM
when you measure make sure your on level ground. Put the deck at your regular height setting probably 3.5" The front of your deck should be 1/4" lower than the rear. Have you made that adjustment or has it always been correct? Sometimes a belt can have "memory" and after adjustment may still jump. In that case a belt replacement is in order. That adjustment is absolutely necessary. If you get down and look at the belt angle from the engine to the deck you will see why. If the adjustment is correct you can also try to tighten the tensioner spring. Maybe its a little loose causing the belt to wobble too much and jump. But that adjustment is key and very important.