View Full Version : More water column pictures

ANC Stone Creations
09-23-2008, 01:24 AM
Here are a few more water column pictures.

What do you guys think of this style of basalt water columns?

They were made to look like columbia basalt.

Do they look natural?

09-24-2008, 10:59 PM
They look like the real deal to me. Those are manufactured? The grey ones looked fake, but these look real to me.

ANC Stone Creations
09-25-2008, 09:45 PM
I try to only use hand crafted columns as it is much more cost effective.

You don't need any heavy machines to place these.
We call these our bread and butter lol
Easy to install in just a few hours.

ANC Stone Creations
09-29-2008, 12:25 AM
Have you guys ever used any columns like these?
If so what do they run in price where you are from?
No comments?

10-01-2008, 11:57 PM
Very nice. We need to talk.

I currently by my faux column bubblers from a guy here in Beaverton who makes them just as nice as those. But he only makes a few per year and they're a little pricey. I wouldn't mind discussing this with you in a PM.

This thread has some photos of the ones I get from him;