View Full Version : Opinions on upcoming job please

Florida Gardener
09-27-2008, 12:21 AM
one of my customers told me today she wants me to weed her property and then mulch. i can try and explain the scope of the job:

weed around 9 or so small palms that are roughly 3' in diameter(the "circle of dirt that surrounds the palms), weed in 4 beds total( 2 are decent size, 1 is medium,1 is small.) and then she wants me to mulch all these areas. Here's my question. My hourly rate is $50/hr for any kind of labor i do that is obviously not regular cutting. Do i bend a little on the hourly rate to get the job for sure or stick to my guns on 50/hour(i obviously dont tell my customers about my hourly rate). Any help is appreciated.