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10-01-2008, 10:48 PM
I posted something similar to this a while back, but we're getting ready to pull the trigger on a new ZTR. Trying to decide between a Toro 48" .. or a 52"...

We currently run 44" ZTR's,. Our clients are about 40 - 1/4 acre lots and 10 larger commercial clients.

Alot of folks I talk to suggest that "you can't get too big".... I am worried though that a 52 or 60 will sit on the trailer while the old 44" will be doing the work.

Thoughts or ideas?

Thanks in advance

Alpha Property
10-01-2008, 11:02 PM
i have a 44" toro and i'm leaning towards going to a 42" stander, i can't fit the 44 through anyones gates, i end up using my 36" belt drive scag for everything

dura to the max
10-01-2008, 11:15 PM
ive cut postage stamp lawns w/ a 60". not the best for the turf by any means, but it will fit. i think a 52" would be the best bet, similar frame size and footprint. its not much heavier than the 48", and will give you an edge on the larger accounts. the 46" exmark might be a decent option to though...

10-01-2008, 11:42 PM
There isnt enough difference in size between a 44 and 52 to sweat the decision. The 52 will go about anywhere. If not, the trimmer will clean it up.

10-01-2008, 11:46 PM
Im no ztr expert but I know that when I buy a ztr It's gonna be a 61" or so.

I think there should be at least 12 inches of difference between your mowers..otherwise what;s the point? Unless you have multiple crews or multiple people mowing the same sections of large accounts.