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10-05-2008, 10:39 PM
A contractor buddy invited me over on friday to look at an old mower he had basically covered but needing some TLC I aired up the tires put new fuel in and gave it a shot of Either and she fired up I got er on the Trailer and started to work on it yesterday . The 200 has a 50 inch deck a FD 590 V Water buffalo
engine I think 18 hp Greased everything twice changed all the fluids with Mobil one , This thing might be a dinosaur compared to my 07 52in Lazer but it has some neat features. Hydro deck lift ,Also the deck has A center pivot point where it connects to the frame the deck finds it's own level no matter what the frame is doing amazingingly enough everything works the blades are a little dull
but I cut my 1/2 acre easement behind my house and I was impressed it's a stick drive between the legs it's slower than the new stuff out there but it served someone well for 900 hours and was not used comercially any of you guys remember these tank looking mowers ? As of now I am cleaning it up to sell
but pretty cool maybe one of the first zero's Any thoughts
Capt Bob

10-05-2008, 11:39 PM
Had several of these machines a while back. Built well but slower than crap and rode worse yet held up well to commercial use.
The one thing I really despised was the threaded rod that had the nut used to tension the main idler pulley for the three spindles. On all of my machines this freaking nut required constant, maybe three times per day, adjustment.
Not hard to do but a pain none the less.

10-06-2008, 10:19 PM
Thanks, The guy is gonna give me the price on it in the morning , Put it this way
I won't pay a lot for it I am trying to pay him with a fishing charter it only cost me boat gas then , Just one more thing there seems to be an oil leak but not
a conventional type seems to be leaking around the exhaust and running down the muffler I checked the valve covers and they do seem to be the culprit
seems kind weird that it would be leaking from both sides I think the guy overheated the motor becuase when I picked it up the lower radiator hose clamp
was loose and he thought he had a serious leak I am sure the idiot light quit working years ago , Maybe he melted a guide seal or something in the valve train it stops after a minute or two but I hate crap like that
The Capt

10-06-2008, 11:08 PM
Nah, the gasket probably dried out and takes a while to become pliable when heated/exposed to oil.
The symptoms you are describing are more than likely related to the machine sitting for prolonged periods of time between operation.
Seals, hoses, gaskets dry out - become brittle then leak. Quite common actually.
Plan on removing the radiator and having it professionally cleaned, new hoses, gaskets, a good pressure washing and you'll be alright

10-14-2008, 09:33 PM
The former owner did overheat er the plastic valve covers showed a little heat damage in the corners so I flipped from left to right putting the damaged corners on top and ran a little bead of cheese whiz black gasket material fixed the problem , For grins I have run 2 rotations with this Tank of a mower you are right it's slow when you turn on the PTO but it cuts good I did a 2.2 acre
yard with it, My big Ex is 8 minutes faster but the cut seemed equal I will not
use this on big rutty yards Bahia types it rides like a Rigid frame Harley , I am fixing to put it up for sale on Monday it cleaned up good and the fresh paint looks like it came right off Earl Schibs first paint booth every thing works and the compression is 160 on both sides and it passed a leak down test so I feel comfy
passing it on for about 2 G's to the next guy , I had no problems with the threaded belt tensioner after the initial adjustment and I have been mulching
maybe it's Texas grass that makes it happen most all mine is St Augustine plush
except for a few Bahia yards.
Thanks Capt Bob