View Full Version : Rotonda, FL 14 house Bid

10-20-2008, 09:22 AM
I got some info for any one in the south Sarasota county or north Charlotte county. i was invited to bid on 14 abandoned/ overgrown properties, the grass right now is 1'-3' tall I'm told. i just don't have the $1mil gen lib to get on it. and no cash to get that amount by the 23rd for submission of the bid.
Also must have a Cc OL License.

since i can't do it i would rather have one of the lawsite LCO do it.

LAWN CONTRACTORS – Association, Inc. is seeking bids to cut and maintain lawns of abandoned properties in our Community. Please provide a price per property for the initial cut and also a separate price for an initial cut and maintenance every 3 weeks. Please note there are 14 properties in this initial phase and the height of the grass on each of these properties varies. We strongly suggest you view each property individually. Each lawn is to be mowed to a height of 4 inches on the front, rear and sides of the property, edged and any excess clippings are to be raked and removed from the site. Do not include any trimming of bushes, trees or weeding of beds. All bids are due in our office at by 4:00 PM on Thursday, October 23, 2008.

All Contractors must have a minimum of $1,000,000 of liability insurance and be fully licensed to do business in Charlotte County. Please provide proof of insurance, copies of all Charlotte County licenses and references with your bid. Bids submitted without the appropriate documentation will not be considered.

SELECTION CRITERIA: The Association will select one vendor for this project. Selection will be based on cost, availability, equipment and references.

TERM: The term of this contract is undetermined. Responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of these properties may be affected by transfer of ownership and/or factors outside of the control of the Association.

The Association reserves the right to reject all bids and re-advertise for additional bids.