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10-25-2008, 08:50 AM
i have a new Kawasaki kgt27a trimmer and want a speed feed head for it. is there a adapter for it before i buy one, i just don't feel like wasting time and effort to get one and when i get it find out it won't fit.

12-03-2009, 08:59 PM
Originally Posted by rob7233
Anyone have an idea what the Speed-feed adapter part number would be to put one on a Kawasaki KGT27a trimmer? Can I get it thru Shindaiwa? If, not where?

A buddy of mine did it and swore it was a great combination although he bought they universal version. I hope I can get the adapter separately...

There you go! I just found out today. The part number is 77890-15340 from Shindaiwa. The price locally is $4.42

Note: Your Kawasaki unit takes a 8mm LH thread female adapter same as mine. If you google "Speedfeed adaptor", you should find the chart. I posted a similiar question in the Shindaiwa forum.

Also, I've been told if you're buying a new SpeedFeed head, get the universal version of the 450 head. It should come with the adaptor you're needing....