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02-15-2002, 08:21 AM
What kind of miles per gallon is being seen with the chevt Duramax?

02-16-2002, 06:38 PM
Just about 13.5 every time.

John DiMartino
02-19-2002, 11:39 AM
My friend averages 14 on winter fuel,and gets 16-17 in summer.He has a 250HD excab 4x4,I woukd expect 1 tons toget little orse,and 2wd 2500's to be a little better.He also has the the allison auto,whuch Gm says robs more power than the 4L80E,so it may affect mileage too,the 6 speed should get better.

02-21-2002, 05:29 PM
i have not seen one satisfied person with a duramax. they all say the same thing no balls! i'm not one to argue trucks i'm just relaying what i heard

02-21-2002, 05:45 PM
I have the 3500 one ton duelly pickup and let me tell ya something its got balls partner it will pull a mountain down.
Mine gets about 15 mpg my dad gets a little better with his 3/4 ton .

John DiMartino
02-21-2002, 07:08 PM
F350,if you've drivien a Duramax,you'd know power is there,its not at all low on HP,they run real strong,IMO.The power on hills is awesome,even with a big trailer,it will climb most hills in drive at highway speeds,but a lot of duramaxes owners arent happy with the towing power on the flats,this is due to a few things,not just one.First off,with a large trailer,like a 5th wheel,or enclosed,the wind drag is enough to keep the trucks from being able to stay in OD ,even at 70 mph.I have heard from hotshotters who drive for a living that the duramax is a fine truck,but still isnt the best choice for pulling heavy trailers at highway speeds.if you had a 215hp Dodge/Cummins,auto and could pull a 32 ft trailer at 70 ,and it stayed in lockup up 90% of the time,except on big grades,and got 13 mpg,you'd be upset if your 300 Hp duramax constantly kicked down,even on flat ground ,and could only hold lockup OD about 50% of the time,and spent the other 1/2 in drive@3000 rpm's,and got 9 mpg.This is whats happening,due to allison programming,its very sensitive,and kicks down easy.The 3.73 ratio is to blame too,a 4.10 would stop the kick down,but rev to high empty.For heavy pulling they should ofer a 4.10,this would fix a lot of the problems with big trailers.For me this wouldnt deter me from buying one,since most all my towing is with open trailers,and locally,where the duramax/allison performs excellent.

lee b
02-21-2002, 09:05 PM
Not knocking the dura-max, I don't own one, but I know 3 farmers who do. Not one of them are satisfied with their chevys and their complaint is power. Every farmer around grows peanuts and hauls them to buying points on peanut wagons, 2 wagons at a time, about 10 to 11 tons combined. In 4 low, the duramax will not start off in soft dirt, just sits there. All 3 have the same complaint and I have heard of others doing the same thing. Two of these farmers are already planning on trading for Ford powerstrokes, which from personal experience in the same conditions, has absolutely no problems handling the load.

02-23-2002, 03:54 PM
Click on photos, then the "Tug-of-War" clip, when you get here, http://www.gm-diesel.com/

It will clear things up!

John DiMartino
02-24-2002, 12:37 AM
Bob, you can believe what you want,but ill clear things up here as far as my 2000 2500 dodge,and my buddies new 2500 Hd duramax,we hooked up chain to chain on blacktop.We have the same configuration,4x4,excab swb.we both have the optional locking diffs,and used 4 lo.I had bfg 285 tires with about 1 /2 tread,he had BFG A?/T 265 75,like new.our hitch point height was within an inch of level,We pulled twice,my truck was empty,he had about 250 lbs in his bed mounted toolbox.It was thanksgiving ,we were BS ing,my entire family was there,almost all GM lovers,so we hooked up,this is no lie,i drug that chevy backwards like a toy,I stopped,let him regain traction,same thing,this time,once i got him moving,i tore him backwards,until i got off the black top,and onto some gravel,I still puled him,when all 4 of my tires wer on pea gravel,there was not a time when that truck even had a chance.Also this summer, we drove to the truck pull together,and pulled together,when my truck was bone stock,his 300hp pulled the sled 155 ft,my 215hp pulled it 188 ft.A modified dodge won with a 225 ft pull,next year i will beat that,I have 75 more hp than he did.I am not making this up,it is not exaggerated,i like the Chevy,in many ways it is much nicer than my Dodge,but pulling power,and the ability to put the power to the ground isnt one of them.My entire family went silent,not a word was/or has been said about,even teasing about my Dodge since.In the video on ther Gm site,you can hear the dodge revving,and not moving it obviously is in 4 Hi,there is no way a 6300 lb reg cab chevy 4x4is going to pull a 7300 lb Dodge 3500 4x4,quad cab unless its in 4 hi.Did you notice the dodge never spun a tire?in 4 lo that thing will smoke the tires at less than 1/2 throttle,so the test was biased to what looked better for GM,no one should be pulling ful pwoer in 4 hi on blacktop,that is plain stupid,and a good way to blow your tranny.J might have been a littel impressed if the dodge was spinning being puled backwards.

mdb landscaping
03-04-2002, 07:44 PM
i have a 02 duramax 2500HD and i love it. i dont know what they are talking about no power. if you hit the gas, the turbo spools up and off it goes. i tow an 8 by 14 enclosed trailer and you barely know its back there. im also getting around 20 mpg. i think 14 mpg seems kinda low? my father bought the same truck as me at the same time, and he has had great luck too.

03-14-2002, 03:18 PM
:blob4: As of friday 3/15/02 my truck is one year old. 2500HD 4x4 c/c leather w/ all options and it has alittle over 32,300 miles on it, I couldn't be any happier, I have had a Dodge Cummins 24v. and the way it can pull off a dead stop is the inline six verses a "v-8" I know that for a fact same thing between the International DT444-E which is a v-8 and the DT466-e which is a inlie six, the 466 will get moving alot faster. Anways my truck pulling a trailer w/773 Gseries Bobcat or mower trailer will aveage 11 to 13 in town on the highway it gets, depends on wind here it is always blowing north or south , 12 to 14. And empty just people in the cab it will get 18 on the highway. I would like to post pics but haven't bought a digital camera yet. P.S. everyone that has rode in the truck pulling a racecar, mowing tralier, Bobcat, load of sod always says it has to have the most power out of other diesels that they own or have been in. Biggest load weighted in at 33,400 lbs, 30ft tandeem gooseneck trailer w/sod, bobcat and misc equipment and it didn't have much of a problem then getting up to speed.

04-06-2002, 11:49 PM
From what I have heard only GM would be stupid enough to have a diesel engine in their truck with aluminum heads. Guys with the Duramaxes dump them before the warranty runs out.

For power you can't beat a PS. I have badly beaten a GM off of a stop light loaded with my lawn trailer. I also had a load of grass on the truck and drive a 6 speed. That alone takes more time than the auto that he had. I did this to the same truck on 3 lights in a row. Also beat an empty F 250 with a 390 four barrel. And he was trying all he could do to stay ahead.

I get 11 to 13 pulling my lawn trailer, and as much as 18 on the road.

It all boils down to which brand you like. We are really wasting our time argueing about which one is better, but it is fun. Even if we are all old enough to know better.