View Full Version : Tuff Torq tranny, JD vs Simplicity

02-17-2002, 08:48 AM
Hi, I'm new here. Not sure if anyone can answer this, but here goes:
I've narrowed my new light duty garden tractor choices to two after months of heavy research. John Deere GT 225/235 or Simplicity Conquest/Prestige. They use either the Tuff Torq K66 or K71 hydrostatic transmissions, with Simplicity using the traction lock/limited slip option and JD not using it.

My question is: Has anyone had a bad experience using the K66 Tuff Torq transmission? I'd like to buy the Simplicity Conquest over the JD GT235 because of the limited slip option (among other advantages), but it uses that slightly smaller K66 tranny. If I step up to the Simplicity Prestige, I get the K71 and limited slip, but then I'm several hundred dollars over the JD GT235 and Conquest pricing (and over my budget). I'd go with the JD if it's K71 had the limited slip option, dont know why JD would leave that option off the specs. I need limited slip because of my steep hill.
The Tuff Torq web site is www.tufftorq.com It gives a brief description of the trannys, but I want real world feedback. Thanks to any who can answer! JW