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11-30-2008, 12:49 PM
Taking over an unfinished job with several small recessed light boxes with no internals set into brick wall. All the boxes are connected by heavy 10 gauge wire looping through for low voltage but no light fixtures or bulbs inside. No transformer yet either. The boxes are small and fairly shallow so not much room to work with inside especially with the heavy wire looping through each consecutive box. I need to install some type of small low voltage base sockets and bulbs in these boxes (bayonet style, bi pin, LED...) Client is asking for most energy efficient & high quality. Would LEDs be the way to go? Where can I find more info and purchase the componants that would work for this situation? would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Does not require a great amount of illumination. These boxes are 12" off the ground and will be used for softly lighting the pathway.

11-30-2008, 08:33 PM
Like this?


11-30-2008, 09:00 PM
But the recessed boxes are already installed into the brick wall. I even have the louvered lens covers already. There is just nothing inside. All I'm looking for are the interior components. I don't want to have to purchase the entire recessed lighting unit just to get the base socket and bulb. Any suppliers sell these separately? Preferably LED components or something very energy efficient?

INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting
12-01-2008, 09:36 AM
Skyranch... sounds like you are just missing the internal components of a louvered step light to me. (Socket, reflector,mounting hardware). Why not determine the manufacturer of the installed housings and then contact them to order only the components you need?

I am sure any decent manufacturer would help you out with a special order like that.

Is there a sticker on the installed housings or the face plates? If not, could you post a picture of those parts here and I am sure one of us could identify the product for you.

By getting the right parts, the fixtures will perform properly and you will not have a "basket case" scenario to maintain in the future.


12-01-2008, 01:58 PM
The boxes installed look like the standard small economy type such as Malibu. For the components, we would like to go with something much higher in quality and more energy efficient. Open to standard bayonet or bi-pin style but would like to see what else is available. My knowledge of outdoor LED lighting is very limited but would like to explore that option as well.

I'm attempting to attach a photo. As you can see, empty with just the heavy gauge low voltage wireing looping through each box.

Thank you,


INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting
12-01-2008, 06:35 PM
Those look like standard single gang switch boxes to me. I am pretty sure they are not fixture bodies. Certainly nothing I would put any time or effort into making into a light fixture. Even if you were to find a suitable reflector, and socket/lamp, I doubt it would fit in properly and you will have a devil of a time sealing a face plate to that mess so that light does not spill out from around the back of the face plate.

I would hack them out of the wall, being careful to preserve the wire, and then core drill in an appropriate fixture that would occupy a similar or larger footprint so as to hide the mess. Count on at least 1 hour per fixture... at the minimum.

How many are there?

Chris J
12-01-2008, 09:23 PM
Contact a local Kichler rep. That box looks very similar to their step light configuration, and you could special order the "guts" in either LED or incandescent. You'll need the measurement of the holes to be 100% sure before you order. You could also visit their website and check the spec sheets on the step lights.

INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting
12-01-2008, 10:35 PM
That box is a galvanized single gang switch box... no doubt about it, the romex clamps on either side give it away. $1.30 each at HD. A kichler or vista or ??? step light face plate might fit over the box, but to what end? There will still be a ton of light leaking out around the edges... not to mention the fact that there is nothing internal to that box that will allow for the mounting of a socket much less a reflector component.

I would start over, cut those boxes out and install a proper fixture body.

Best of luck.

Chris J
12-02-2008, 07:43 AM
The Kichler configuration would fit directly into the box and the reflector/lamp assembly would attach to the existing holes. As far as light leakage, there are gaskets that usually take care of that if the gaps are not extreme.

12-05-2008, 07:20 PM
Man did thy short you on the wire. I hate working with stubs like that once you cut it. Chris is on the money with this one. We got stuck on a job that was left unfinished and the kichler step lights fit right in. It was 2 years ago and I dont rememeber the fixture number.