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12-01-2008, 03:08 AM
Hey guys, I just wanted to my post the link to my new website. I jusdt made a couple weeks ago through Vista Print for $20/mo. Did all of the pages, layouts, and designs myself. I know its not perfect yet, and it's not done.

Any and all feedback is apprciated!


12-01-2008, 03:15 AM
looks really nice!

i wanna know how i can get my lawn cut for free haha, and also how i can get wood delivered to my house in PA for 150 a cord, so i can upsell it for 200!!

good luck w/everything

12-01-2008, 03:25 AM

Thanks for the feedback. Anything I should change or reword?

Should I put info in there about how exactly you can get your lawn cut for free? Or does that give potential clients a reason to call?

12-01-2008, 02:57 PM
that is one long address

Team-Green L&L
12-01-2008, 03:03 PM
I cannot say anything good about the code or the layout. I would consider rebuilding and follow W3C guidelines:


12-01-2008, 03:12 PM
I cannot say anything good about the code or the layout. I would consider rebuilding and follow W3C guidelines:[/URL]

Agreed ... and please resize that first image (0_0_0_0_322_322_csupload_1797962.png) on the main page (almost 300 KB .... yikes)

12-01-2008, 03:20 PM
I used go daddy to build mine and they are only $8.99 a month, you are paying way to much.

12-01-2008, 07:56 PM
that is one long address

Absolutely. Get a better domain name before you do anything else. That won't fit on a business card, truck sign or anything else worth a flip and it leaves WAY to much room for spelling errors. Remember 70-90% of your traffic will come from people seeing your signs, your domain name in your yellow page ad or your truck etc. That name just doesn't "work" for being "short", "catchy" and easy to remember"... the 3 main rules for a domain name.
Don't forget, just ONE wrong letter and they go nowhere (and won't keep guessing) also you can still keep this one "pointed" to your site until it's year runs out; but get something better for your "main" address to keep for years.

12-02-2008, 07:55 AM
thanks for the feedback. I didn't realize that the image was so big. I'll look into other layouts. I must say that I'm a little surprised at the negative responses, but I do appreciate the constructive critisism.

12-02-2008, 07:58 AM
Team-Green, can you explain the validator to me a little more, I don't understand what the heck all that means...

12-02-2008, 12:16 PM
I think it looks pretty good.. clean and professional.

I would recommend a different font for your contact us page.

I would probably remove the part about kids/pets eating fertilizer.

Put Free Estimates near the top.

Either remove Winter Services.. or come up with something similar for the list to the left.

12-03-2008, 03:03 AM
Thanks. I just did some editing to the site, got rid of a few pages, changed the font in the 'contact us' page, stuff like that. I still have no idea what the other guys were talking about. I don't think I can change the domain name for free, I mean I'm not all that computer savy, so maybe I'm wrong.

Good feedback, keep it coming

B & B Yardscape
12-11-2008, 12:22 PM
What do you guys mean it is too long. Its easy to remember if you do it like this. www. ass u red lawn and landscape. com

You can't change it for free. you will have to buy another name. restassured, assuredlawn, etc.

HOME: High quality service all year 'round!
Is just: High quality service all year round!

You had me at the top. I like your lawn mower eating grass logo. You should say:We provide . . . . instead of starting with FREE ESTIMATES. Do other companies charge for their estimates in your area?

Do you maintain that nicely groomed grass with flowers on each side? People will be able to tell that it might not be your work.

This link doesn't need to be there. Check out our new Lawn Enhancement Programs!

There is no need to hyperlink your pics just to give a larger view.

You have stuff underlined that are not hyperlinks. Like Residential and Commercial

Is this your tag line?: Your satisfaction is Assured! I like it. It should be at the top of all your pages below your logo.

ABOUT US: It is our priority is to enhance
It should be: It is our priority to enhance

You have: We would like to welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry

It should be: We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust by providing you with the best service in the industry.

Everything below the Scagg mower pic can be taken out. Where you service should be either on the home page or at the top of this one.

Nice truck however.

SPECIAL OFFERS: The picture of the Fall Clean up brochure looks bad. Enter the information as text.

If you don't offer Hardscape services, then don't say It's coming soon and steal a pic of someone else's work.

LAWN ENHANCEMENT: I was looking forward to this page. You made such a big deal about it on the home page. Is that your truck or a picture of a dealers lot?

CONTACT US: Fonts are way too big and it looks cluttered.

EVENTS: I like this page. But you need to underline EVENTS. Make sure to keep it up to date. Nothing worse than seeing an even that has already taken place.

That is enough for now.

Good Luck

12-12-2008, 12:20 AM
Hey there B&B. I greatly appreciate the advice. I changed everything that you mentioned. I omitted some things and relocated others. I got rid of the hyperlinks that I could. On the pics, the hyperlinks should take you back to the homepage. I'm not able the put our slogan on the top by the mower, it wont let me, for now I'm just going to leave it on the bottom of every page. All of the events and special offers are now up to date.
The pics of lawns are at my buddies house in Bluffton. We maintain his yard and use it for our pictures. (For now). And the F-650 is just a pic I found online, I got rid of that too. The Frieghtliner is a friends truck that I used for a couple days. I managed to sneak a pic of it while we had it

I want to put a pic of me, and the two other guys in the business in front of our trucks, and equipment and put it on the About Us page, just to give faces to the name.

Thanks again, very constructive!


12-13-2008, 05:06 PM
I liked it.

Team-Green L&L
12-14-2008, 01:50 AM
Team-Green, can you explain the validator to me a little more, I don't understand what the heck all that means...

Valid code is like speaking real English and invalid code is like slang. The browsers read code like a language and they don't know slang that well. They will, however, try to interpret invalid code and usually correctly, but you want "all the time" correctly. Browsers and search engines alike are becoming more and more anal about valid code as we try to organize the mess we call a world wide web.

Read more here: http://validator.w3.org/docs/why.html

12-14-2008, 10:22 AM
They will, however, try to interpret invalid code and usually correctly, but you want "all the time" correctly.

It is called quirks mode (Moz) or compatmode (IE), and "correctly" only goes so far as supporting basic HTML and CSS. (i.e. NS 4 and IE 4 -5 ), everything else is dropped. It is used to provide support for older HTML docs which do not render correctly in later browsers standards mode. It is usually triggered by the DTD, or lack/improper use of one.

B & B Yardscape
12-14-2008, 03:09 PM
I agree with the code being validated, but he needs to get the layout done first. If you valadate and then change the code, it might mess it up somewhere and the valadation will be off again.

B & B Yardscape
12-14-2008, 03:17 PM
FlyMarines09: Man does that look better!!!! Now work on improving by getting better/more pics. Figure out more to say in the About Us. Work on the Code. Work on search engine placement.

I'd probably put your phone number on every page in a location that is out of the way, but easy to see. Make sure it is in the same place on all the pages.

Schedule a Free Estimate Page: Tell them what they get in an estimate. Like "every lawn and every customer is different. Contact us to schedule a FREE appointment where we will come out and discuss your needs"

Visit other sites and see what they have said on different subjects. You might find some wording you like better.


12-15-2008, 02:18 AM
Thanks, its a working progress. It's going to take some time to get more pictures going, like I said I want to have a pic of me and my buddy infront of our equipment on the About Us page.
I like the way you worded "every lawn is differnt. Contact us to schedule a free appointment........." Good stuff there.

Thanks again!